Picture Frame Moulding - NEW COLLECTIONS1

Italian Prime Moulding

Italian Prime picture frame molding is an excellent option for those seeking an affordable, yet quality interior design. These picture frame mouldings are easily installable, simple to clean, and resistible to accidents. All these aspects make Italian picture frame moldings perfect for any type of room you desire.


Glaze Moulding

Glazing is essential in picture frame molding because it is a form of protection against external elements of a photo or work of art. Acrylic glazing is one of the most popular forms of glazing, especially with gold picture frames and black picture frames


Oakwood Moulding

Oakwood picture frame moulding is a type of Polystyrene that is ideal for picture framing because it is resistant to delay. This type of picture frame molding attains a beautiful course grain aesthetic and has the ability to absorb stains for a flawless finish.


Maison Moulding

Maison Moulding is a type of picture frame moulding that will add a high value to the framed item. This type of molding comes in a variety of colors to choose from and will protect from external elements such as the heat, humidity, and dust.


Vogue Moulding

Vogue picture frame molding is a type of moulding that allows homeowners to express their artistic personality and creativity. These picture frames bring attention to the entire room and can match any interior with the right d├ęcor. Vogue moldings are visually appealing and add flair to any ornamentation.


Metropolis Moulding

Metroplis picture frame mouldings are moldings ideal for any homeowner or business. These moudlings range from black to white and range from matte to gloss.


Yosemite Moulding

Yosemite picture frame moldings is a small selection of mouldings. Most of these moldings have an ancient feel and tend to be darker shades.


Tribeca Moulding

Tribeca picture frame mouldings are moldings that range from gold to silver and includes matte mouldings. These moldings are simplistic and basic for any type of frame.


Country Colors Moulding

Country colors picture frame moulding comes in a myraid of colors to select from, ranging from charcoal black to marshmallow white. These moldings are simple and have a unique selection.


Picture Frame Mouldings

ValuCore Moulding

Valucore picture frame mouldings offer any aesthetic you desire. These picture frame mouldings can be warped in different ways such as cut or stapled, similar to wood. Valucore picture mouldings can achieve any finish, giving the designer or homeowner full control of their interior design.


Gold and Silver Moulding

Gold picture frame mouldings and silver picture frame mouldings look marvellous for almost every type of design or application. Universal Arquati gold and silver frame mouldings come in a myriad of variations you need. These frame mouldings accentuate the artwork, offering just the right amount of gold or silver.


Contemporary Moulding

Universal Arquati's contemporary picture frame mouldings presents an array of modern mouldings for any type of design. These picture frame mouldings are offered in a variety of designs, including metallic, ornate, simple, and traditional frame moulding designs.


Fillet Moulding

Some of the most beautiful framed objects have a stunning finishing touch with the fillet picture frame moulding. These picture frame mouldings are aimed to complement the main picture frame moulding, as well as the framed object.


High Gloss Moulding

High Gloss picture frame mouldings create a dramatic flair to any room. This type of picture frame moulding comes in any colour you can imagine. High gloss mouldings has a finishing wood grain effect that creates a traditional, yet contemporary aesthetic.


Distressed Moulding

Distressed picture frame mouldings have the ability to add a sensation of authenticity and craftsmanship to any piece of art or mirror. This type of moulding offers a unique texture, complementing the visionary imagined by the designer. This picture frame moulding creates a unique and special look for the designer or homeowner.


Matte Black Moulding

Matte Black mouldings are ideal for those seeking a modern and contemporary aesthetic. These picture frame mouldings can be either subtle or bold, depending on the direction the designer or homeowner aims for. Black matte frame mouldings can have any type of effect you desire, with the right tools.


Natural Wood Moulding

Natural Wood picture frame mouldings is a common molding choice for most designs and applications. These moldings come in both contemporary and traditional designs. The mouldings also have a natural wood grain apparent, but also smooth or painted, to attain the warmth and feel of the natural wood.