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  • 2020 The Latest + Greatest In Gallery Wall Ideas

    2020 The Latest + Greatest In Gallery Wall Ideas

    At Universal Arquati, we’re proud to be a national source and supplier for quality frames and mouldings. Whether you need framing supplies and solutions for.....

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  • Browse Picture Frame Mouldings by Size, Shape, and Style

    Browse Picture Frame Mouldings by Size, Shape, and Style

    The right moulding is essential to your picture frame project. You need to select the best size, shape, and style of decoration for your home or room.....

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  • Use Polystyrene Mouldings to Make Art Painting Frames

    Use Polystyrene Mouldings to Make Art Painting Frames

    Polystyrene moulding is one of the most durable options for art painting frames. This type of moulding is an effective alternative to wood picture frame mouldings....

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  •  Top 10 Picture Framing Problem Fix Guide

    Top 10 Picture Framing Problems Fix Guide

    You might run into challenges from time to time as your frame and hang your prints or artwork. Do not worry because these issues are common and easily fixed....

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  • Select the Right Length(s) of Moulding to Make a Picture Frame

    How to Select the Right Length(s) of Moulding to Make a Picture Frame

    Determining the length of moulding to make a picture frame does not seem like a complicated task on the surface. However, you have to make precise calculations in order to select....

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  •  How to Choose the Right Frame and Matting

    The Essential Tips & Tricks: Treating Your Framed Artwork With Care

    With the combined resources of Universal Framing Products and Arquati Moulding, now you don’t have to cut corners when it comes to custom framing....

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  •  How to Choose the Right Frame and Matting

    How to Choose the Right Frame and Matting?

    With so many different kinds of frames available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right type of frame and mat combo for your pictures or artwork....

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  •  How Much Does Custom Picture Framing Cost?

    How Much Does Custom Picture Framing Cost?

    Just like any custom service, picture framing can be costly. Keep in mind this is because a lot of traditional frame shops typically offer conservation framing....

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  • best-picture-frames-moulding-design-ideas

    10 Helpful Tips To Follow Before Buying Picture Frames

    Pictures can help revive some great memories in your life. If you want to display or hang some of the best memories with your friends and family on your wall....

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  • Picture Framing art Interior design

    How to Create a Unique + Ultra-Modern Photo Display Wall in Your Home

    Life is made up of many memorable, picture-worthy events. It’s natural for us to want to document these milestones and moments such as: weddings, childbirths....

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  • Picture Framing art Interior design

    Learn, Why Picture Framing Art Matters Most in Interior Design!

    When most people are designing the interior of their homes, they tend to forget one of the most critical elements-picture framing design ideas. Interior design....

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  • Supplier of Picture Frames & Mouldings

    The Leading Provider of Picture Frames & Mouldings in Southern California

    Universal Arquati has been a premier provider of custom picture framing since 1960. With the merging of Universal Framing Products and Arquati Moulding in 2009....

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  • Importance of Picture frames

    The Importance of Picture Frames in the Interior Design of Your Property

    Every house has its personality and its definition. Everything in the home contributes to this personality and meaning, and if we say that wall art is the most important contributor....

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  • Picture frames right for your home

    Learn What kind of picture frames is right for your home?

    Frames are meant to add beauty to your home and grab the attention towards the art. They show the decorator’s aesthetic sense and the style of people living in the house....

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  • Home Interior design with Picture Framing

    Essential Questions to Ask yourself before Apply Picture Frames On Your Photos

    If you are thinking about framing your photos and decorate your house with them, then I am sure you must have done some research and read a few articles about what kind of frames....

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  • Picture Frames design ideas

    Picture Frames A Great Way To Beautify Your Interiors

    The modern world has changed the traditional wooden picture frames and has modified them into a lot of options that are lightweight and colorful. Picture frames are one of the favorite....

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  • Picture Frames Interior Design

    Picture Frames: An Important Element of Interior Design

    In the modern lifestyle, many ways of decoration have changed from the past and have transformed into more sleek and sophisticated versions that are available in various shapes and sizes....

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  • Picture Frames Interior Design

    Increasing Your Home’s Value with Stylish Moulding

    "Home sweet home" is a well-said phrase. It emphasizes that your home is an intact asset of your entire life belongings. It provides the complete leisure and tranquility....

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  • Picture Frames Interior room

    Transform Your Room With Moulding From Universal Arquati

    More than 300 moulding profiles, we offer beautiful mouldings that facilitate project design. Our experience and helpful staff provide you useful information....

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  • Art Framing Supply Design

    Art Framing Supplies

    When planning out the design or redesign of a new home, you must consider all aspects of decor along with basic structural needs, including art framing supply...Read more

  • art-consultant-home-design

    Art Consultants

    As an art consultant or designer, we know how important frame moulding can be to complement your artwork...Read more

  • Mouldings Construction Project

    Universal Arquati Mouldings for Construction Projects

    When a customer begins a new construction project, moulding should definitely be one of the very first things that is considered...Read more

  • universal arquati glass door industry

    The Glass and Shower Door Industry

    You may not realize it, but framing and moulding in the glass door industry and in the shower door industry can be incredibly important...Read more

  • Universal Arquati Mirror Industry

    The Mirror Industry

    One major area of interest for Universal Arquati moving forward is the mirror industry. We will partner with mirror manufacturers, retailers...Read more

  • universal arquati interior design industry

    The Interior Design Industry

    Interior Design is an art form. When an interior designer needs to frame a piece of art work, she doesn’t head over to Z Gallerie to pick out one of its standard...Read more

  • Universal Arquati Hospitality Industry

    The Hospitality Industry

    Especially for the commercial and hospitality industry, the way the decor in the finished project looks will be insanely important...Read more