10 Helpful Tips To Follow Before Buying Picture Frames


Helpful Tips to follow before buying picture frames

Pictures can help revive some great memories in your life. If you want to display or hang some of the best memories with your friends and family on your wall, then choosing the right picture frame is very important. The right picture frame can easily enhance the appearance of the picture. Choosing the best picture frame is not a hard task if you just know some of the basic tips. Before buying picture frames, you need to know some of the factors to consider. If you’re wondering how to start the process, read on.

How to Choose the Right Frame

Choosing the right frames for your pictures can be quite confusing at times. This is because of all the options available. Besides styles and designs, there are some important factors that need to be considered when you are buying frames for pictures.

1. Choose Your Style

If you are confused whether to buy a wall frame or a tabletop frame, then you might look try looking at the design of your house. Do you have a lot of bookshelves or enough space on your side tables? If so, then you can buy some tabletop frames for your pictures. It looks really nice when you have some on the bookshelves and tabletops. Otherwise it can look too crowded. If there’s not much space on your side table or bookshelves because of the minimalist interior design, then you should opt for wall hanging frames. Of course, some of the walls remain completely bare. If they are in focal point of your house, then it can be a great idea to use the wall to display some great pictures. So, first analyze your house and its interior before you purchase your picture frames.


2. Identify the Size You Need

Once you have decided what type of frame you want, you must make sure to choose the right size for the frames of your picture. If you fail to choose the right size, then either your picture will not fit in or it will look really odd. When you are choosing frames in bulk from a renowned picture frame supplier, you have to ensure that you are choosing the exact size you need. Some of the standard sizes of frames available in a rectangular shape include: 8x10, 12x16, 12x18, 16x20, and 18x24. If you are looking for square shaped frames then you can choose from 10x10, 12x12, 14x14, 16x16 and 18x18. When you are printing the photos that you want to display, you will need to mention the size you want. Based on those sizes, you have to buy the frames with a perfect fit.

3. Match Your Interior

The most confusing part when choosing the best picture frame for your house is selecting the right style or design. Whether you want a sleek, elegant, contemporary, or traditional style depends entirely on the interior design of your house. If you have modern or contemporary interior decor, then it is better to choose a black frame or something with a neutral color like beige or white. It will look classier. Also, you can look for something with extra glass for a sleeker look.

On the other hand, a wooden picture frame in different shades of color will complement more traditional interior house decor. If you have a vintage or traditional look inside your house, then choose something made from ribbed metals, or simple textured woods will look great. You can also choose frames that are made out of rough wooden corks. There are many unique styles, textures, and designs when it comes to choosing the proper picture frames for your house. You can choose one that will suit your home decor best.


4. Choose a Frame That Complements the Photograph

Besides complementing the interior of your house and the color of the walls, it is also important to make sure that your frame pairs well with the photographs. When it comes to displaying some vacation pictures with your friends and family, it is always better to choose the funky and whimsical frames that show off a lot of creativity. This will perfectly complement your vacation pictures and even make them more fun. However, if you want to display a professional or career-related photo like your graduation pictures, then you should choose a sleek black frame. This will make the photographs look much more sophisticated and classy. Just keep in mind that you ought to choose frames and mouldings based on the photographs you will display. This will help make your photographs and framed pieces stand out more.


5. Aesthetic Matters

If you are looking for some amazing picture frames for displaying your photos or art, then you must look for something that is aesthetically pleasing. There are many frames on the market available at a cheap rate, but they don’t have aesthetic value. In that case, a cheap frame can demean the entire interior design or decor of your house. Displaying photos not only helps you relive memories, but it can also enhance the beauty and elegance of your house. The frames in which the photographs are displayed play a major role in uplifting this beauty. Hence, you need to make sure that your picture frames are quite classy and beautiful for accentuating the beauty and aesthetic value of your home.

6. Opt For A Durable, Sturdy Material

Choosing the right material of your picture frame is essential. Generally, there are two types of materials you commonly see when it comes to frames and mouldings. One is the wooden frame and another one is the metallic frame. These two options are the best types of frames that you can buy. Fiber or plastic frames look quite cheap and can be flimsy too. The most natural and aesthetically appealing choice is the wooden frame. You can choose the specific wood color and style based on the decor and interior of your room. The wooden frame looks great with contemporary, modern, or rustic homes.

You can also choose simple black and white frames to complement modern room decor. A black frame is more elegant while a white frame could be more casual. Make sure that the material of the frame is quite sturdy and durable, so it can last for a lifetime. Also, metallic frames look quite modern and trendy. Metallic is ideal for classic photos that can be used for landscapes as well as for portraits. These photo frames are meant to last. You will not want a frame that needs to be replaced after a few years.

7. Stand Out With an Eye-Catching Frame

You do not have to focus on choosing the perfect color for your picture frame necessarily. Instead, you can choose something more unique and eye-catching that can make the picture more vibrant on the wall or tabletops. Consider the overall tone of the image and choose the frame that will go well with the color of the picture. If the picture is a seaside picture, then blue hues and tones can make it even more vibrant, or you can also choose a golden brown color to accentuate the sandy colors in your photo. Though the frame must be eye-catching, it should not be overpowering. Otherwise, your picture will look pale. Just make sure that the frame matches your photo as well as the current room decor.

8. Decide On the Right Moulding

If you want to choose the best frame for your room, then you must focus on picture frame and moulding. There are different types of moulding available on the market such as glaze moulding, Italian prime moulding, Maison moulding, Oakwood moulding, Metropolis moulding, Country Colors moulding, and Vogue moulding. Among all these, Italian Prime Moulding is one of the most excellent options for those who are looking for a great quality frame for their sleek interior design at an affordable rate. Glaze moulding is also quite popular, as it offers protection against all elements. The Country Colors category of moulding comes with different choices of colors ranging from marshmallow white to charcoal black. The Metropolis moulding is great for any business space as well as homes. If you need something that will add a great value to your picture, then Maison moulding is the best option. Looking through a catalog will help you choose the best moulding for your particular framed pieces.

9. Consider Matte Black or Natural Wood Moulding for Business Needs

If you are looking for an ideal moulding option for framed business photos, then matte black moulding or the natural wood moulding can be two stellar contenders. Matte black moulding is ideal for a contemporary or modern aesthetic. It is subtle yet also be bold while exuding elegance and class. It has a very sophisticated look which can be great for your business needs. On the other hand, natural wood moulding is a common type of moulding but can go really well with all types of decors and interior designs. You can choose whether you want a smooth or painted finish or grainy texture. You will feel the warmth and elegance of the natural wood with this moulding option. These two types will really complement the sophisticated professionalism of business offices or workspaces.

10. Make Sure the Frame Fits the Designated Wall or Room

We have already discussed that determining the size of the frame is essential. However, you must also know that the size of the frame ought to complement the size of the room or the space on the wall. If you have a very small space, you cannot choose a huge frame. Even if you are planning to keep three to five frames on the same wall like a collage, then there should be at least a two finger gap between each frame. Too many large frames in a small space can make the space look clumsy and overcrowded. You will surely not want that to happen. So, when you are selecting the size of the frame, also consider the space you have on your wall.

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