2020 The Latest + Greatest In Gallery Wall Ideas


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Are you displaying art and/or photography at home by means of a gallery-style wall? A time-old tradition, custom frames not only give personal collections a polished look; they can also add dynamic visual interest to your interior space via themes, arrangements, and proportions.

Keep reading to learn more about the latest and greatest frame trends for gallery wall spaces to make the most of your custom frame and mouldings and make your collection of art, posters, and/or photographs even more impactful!

2020 Gallery Wall Trends

When it comes to gallery walls, custom framing is a must. Are you looking for ways to adorn and arrange your gallery walls that are new and surprising? Trends come and go, but some are timeless. What are some new tactics and techniques that are worth the cost of custom framing and displaying? Here are some recent ideas and inspiration that will breathe new life onto your gallery walls!

» Travel + Vacation

Gallery walls that showcase personal travel photos are a way to relive the moments of freedom we crave the most. Rather than scrolling through your phone or social media apps, have your favorite vacation photos printed and custom framed to immortalize breathtaking moments that are personal to you. White frames will give your photographs a subtle border that allow the images to speak for themselves, while bold black frames will let your pictures pop against a white wall. Not only will this approach inspire beauty, travel and vacation gallery walls are also aspirational--reminding you to plan that next trip!


» Wrap-Around

This idea is perfect for the art lover who has already arranged their dream gallery wall but keeps finding more artwork, photographs, and/or posters to hang and add to their collection. With this trend in mind, we recommend building out you gallery wall in a floor-to-ceiling, wrap-around style. Not only does this technique anchor your interior space, it also provides a home for all of your custom framed pieces that transforms your wall into a strong visual statement.

» Small Spaces

Who says gallery-style walls are only reserved for large spaces and expansive rooms? Get creative and utilize smaller spaces by hanging your custom framed art in more unconventional areas such as:

  • » Between windows and doorways
  • » Around television sets
  • » Exposed beams
  • » Under staircases


Depending on your unique aesthetic, the scale of your framed artwork, and the size of your space, your small gallery wall will be a one-of-a-kind solution to a practical problem. You might be surprised by the odd-shaped wall spaces you can make use of!

» The Great Outdoors

Even in the Digital Age, we are seeing more and more art pieces that incorporate natural elements as well as gallery walls that are dedicated to bringing The Great Outdoors to interior spaces. This trend involves hanging and displaying custom framed pieces, including:

  • » Vintage botanical posters
  • » Landscape photography (think Ansel Adams)
  • » Preserved flowers and insects
  • » Wall-mounted planters

A nature-inspired gallery wall theme will add more dimension to blank white walls or spaces with muted tones. Not only this, but choosing to frame your nature relics in natural wood will add even more texture to your living space for a more lush and rustic feel.

Do you have more questions about how to make the most out of your custom framed pieces for your own gallery wall? Or perhaps you are in need of the frame supplies and moulding for your gallery wall? Contact Universal Arquati today to speak with one of our framing specialists! Call us at 800.668.3627.