7 Ways to Arrange Your Modern Wall with Custom Picture Frames

Arrange Your Modern Wall with Custom Picture Frames

Decorating your home with a favorite artwork or photo can be exciting and fun or challenging and scary. Proper picture frame arrangement on wall depends on your outlook! First, realize it is only a wall, and whatever you hang can be moved if it just absolutely doesn’t work.

Arrange Your Modern Wall with Custom Picture Frames

There is a method to figuring out where to hang these pieces you cherish and want to display, though. By grouping various sizes of picture frames, your art and photographs will be more than décor. They can be a story unfolding and growing.

Here, we offer you the fundamentals of framed art and picture hanging, along with pointers and tips, to create that “picture” perfect setting:

The key to Perfect Picture Frame Arrangement on Wall:

Your first step should be choosing an arrangement, and we have seven to choose from:

» The Grid

  • If you are just starting you, you’ll need room to add more art and photographs as time goes by. The simple grid is easy and creates a focal point that is modern and strong.
  • Think of the group of frames as one large piece of art or photograph and center it on the wall, balanced from left to right and top to bottom. If there is furniture along the wall, center the “one-piece” evenly over it and five to six inches above the back of the furniture. For consistency, leave approximately two inches between each piece of art of the photograph.

Picture frame - The grid design ideas

» The Mixed Grid

  • Movement with symmetry that has room for additions as time goes by.
  • Start with five inches from the top of the chairs, sofa, or furniture you have along the wall. It only takes two sizes of frames to establish this pattern, aligning the frames to a horizontal or vertical axis.

Picture Frame - Mixed grid on Wall design options

» The Horizontal

  • Increase a room’s width visually using a row of frames and creating a powerful graphic statement.
  • Create a unified appearance with a cohesive color palette of various images. Start with the bottom of the frame positioned six inches above the back of the sofa.

Picture frame - Horizontal Hanging Grid Options

» The Eclectic

  • If you’ve been collecting pieces of art and photographs for years, mix the sizes and style to create a unique look for a large wall or small wall. Similar images will give it a cohesive look. When the frame edges are in alignment in a horizontal or vertical axis, it creates a deliberate look instead of a cluttered look.

Picture frame - Eclectic Hanging Grid Options

» The Vertical

  • For a small room, this layout is excellent as you mix the shapes and sizes, centered along a vertical line.
  • Choose a frame that is two-thirds as wide as the furniture on the wall to create a balanced look. From the bottom of the lowest frame to the top of the sofa, no more than four to five inches.

Picture frame - Vertical Hanging Options

» The Versatile

  • If you want to avoid putting too many holes in the wall, using a picture ledge, you can arrange and rearrange your selected art and photographs as often as desired.
  • The ledge should be ten inches above the highest point of the furniture it is placed over. Then overlap one smaller picture with a large framed art, add a decorative item for dimension.

Picture frame - Versatile Options

» The Staircase

  • Pull the view upward with this classic arrangement that gives the wall the most. Start in the center with the most significant framed art of photograph at eye level. Leave ten inches from the bottom of the lowest frame to the top of each step going up.

Picture frame - Staircase frame design ideas

The Frames:

Today, the choices in custom picture frames are bold, classic, country chic, formal, fun, vouge, or warm.

The Layout:

Using kraft paper, trace the outline of each frame, cut them out, use them as templates, hang on the wall with painter’s tape. Move them around until you get that feel and look you have envisioned.

Time to Hang That Art and Photographs!

The right hardware will make hanging your art and photographs easy and keep them straight and stable. Sawtooth bracket or wire systems are the most common choices. A small frame, 14” by 14” or smaller, the sawtooth bracket is ideal, and only one nail is needed. A larger frame, the wire system is best with side rails and d-rings. For the more substantial large piece, two hooks that are ten to twelve inches apart will give it the support it needs to keep it against the wall and level.

Some Tips to Tackling This Process

Some people are flawless with their decorating. They don’t choose the wrong color or style. Everything they hang just works. Then there is the rest of the world that can’t get a pair of socks to match. So, for fear of throwing a room totally out of sync, we choose a color or tone and call it a day.

Instead, be brave and use some creativity with combinations of wood tones and a splattering of a gold or silver frame among the various wood tones. Add some pop to the arrangement with a glossy finished frame or two.

Even in a minimalist space, you can alternate black frames and white frames to give the space life. Create a gallery wall by hanging large and small pieces together. Stay with two or three sizes so that you have repetition in the room, but mixing the colors and the textures will give any room pizazz.

Use self-adhesive bumpers on the bottom corners to keep the frames from scratching and scuffing the wall. They also help keep pictures level, and if you’re not good at eyeballing level, Android and iPhone both have a level tool app to help!

Use self-adhesive bumpers applied to the bottom corners on the back of the frame before hanging.

Bonus tip:

Sometimes it can be challenging to get your frame completely level just by eyeballing it. When in doubt, there are plenty of level tool apps that can help with this, e.g., Bubble Level for iPhone or Android.

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