Universal Arquati works with Art Consultants

As an art consultant or designer, we know how important frame moulding can be to complement your artwork.

You play a critical part in how art is placed and showcased in homes, corporate offices, as well as in private and public institutions (hospitals, universities, churches, government offices, and so on). You move quickly to acquire works of art for your various clients, possibly purchasing it from artists, from galleries in different cities, or even commissioning artwork on behalf of your clients.

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Framing, as you well know, is essential to providing that finishing touch to a work of art. The right frame can truly make or break how artwork is perceived. A piece’s entire "mood" can be changed simply by changing the frame. Want a classic piece to look more modern? Place it in a contemporary-style frame. Looking to give a light-hearted piece a bit more gravitas? Place it in a traditional or classic-style frame.

If looking for high-quality frame mouldings that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else, consider our mouldings. We source our stunning and well-crafted frames from Italy; they definitely will add an exceptional final touch to any framable piece of art.

Picture Frame Mouldings for the Artwork You and Your Clients Treasure

No matter where your clients intend to display their art – whether it’s in a corporation’s lobby, a Broadway actor’s studio apartment, an upscale restaurant in Las Vegas, a bank’s lobby – the hundreds of picture frame mouldings we offer give you countless framing options and we’re certain that you’ll find several that perfectly fit your needs.

Many of our mouldings are made of natural wood – cherry, pecan , walnut, mahogany, fruitwood, and more. Finishes include distressed, natural as well as satin.

A huge and popular selection of mouldings come from Valucore™, a company that provides one of the largest lines of polystyrene frame mouldings available today. Their entire line is made of polystyrene, but you’d be hard-pressed to see it as their finishes look incredibly like wood, chrome, bronze, pewter, and other natural materials and metals.

Picture Mouldings for All of Your Clients

No matter if your client wants a frame with a casual, country look for his piece by Grant Wood ; or your client has a Renaissance painting and therefore wants a very classic or traditional frame; or if working with an M.C. Escher lithograph and want a frame that helps the viewer focus on Escher’s multiple levels of reality in a new way, you’ll find it here with us.
To learn more about how our picture frames and mouldings can add the right finishing touch to your client’s art, call Universal Arquati at 800-668-3627 or visit one of our showrooms outside New York City, Los Angeles or Dallas.