5 Bathroom Framing Tips – Making Your Bathroom Look Fabulous!

Additional bathroom framing or moulding can create an aesthetically appealing and powerful transformation. Stylish picture frame moulding can add a well-designed and polished look to your bathroom's interior. Typically, you must focus on criteria material, proportion and size of molding profile, and style of molding when choosing to mold for bathroom framing.

bathroom framing tips

You must keep in mind some other things when framing your bathroom. Keep reading to learn how to make your bathroom look more fabulous using custom framing from the experts at Universal Arquati.

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Bathroom Framing Tips


» Consider the Frame Material

The material you choose for your bathroom framing makes a massive difference in durability and maintenance. Bathroom spaces are typically humid, which can impact the quality of your bathroom frames. For instance, if you choose wood frames for the bathroom, they will expand or contract due to excess moisture in the space.

Higher humidity or changing temperature of the space affects the quality and leads the frames to warp over time. There is also a risk of mold development on the wood bathroom framing. That is why it is essential to choose waterproof frames for your bathroom. You can opt for frames made of metal or plastic to resist temperature changes or humidity.

If you're unsure how to choose the suitable material, seek assistance from professional frame moulding suppliers such as Universal Arquati to get the best advice on framing the bathroom.


» Protect Art Pieces from Damage

Protecting your bathroom framing is essential if you want to make your bathroom look well-decorated for a long time. As said above, humidity seeps into the frames' backing and damages the art pieces, leading to decay and warping. To prevent or control this, you must take preventative measures such as sealing the frames or using laminated prints.

Lamination is a great way to make artworks waterproof. If lamination isn't possible, buying paintings with replaceable framing or pieces you won't mind getting warped is best. Avoid spending on expensive pieces.

Also, you need to make sure your bathroom is well ventilated. Use the exhaust fan when needed, especially after showers. Design bathrooms with windows and keep them open when you're not using the bathroom.

It is better to avoid artworks that are difficult to maintain or replace, such as limited edition pieces, original artworks, and vintage works. Using these prints for bathroom art pieces increases the risk of damage. Décor made of ceramic, non-paper material, or metal is relatively safer for the bathroom.


» Focus on Subject Matter

Let's admit the bathroom is one of the most-used places in the home. Whether at the beginning of the day or moments before you go to bed, the last place you go is often your bathroom. Therefore, having an inspirational, creative, and life-affirming décor in the bathroom is essential.

Look for picture frame moulding suppliers to buy some beautiful and appealing typographic prints. The prints make an exceptional bathroom décor. The prints aren't only inspiring and help you start your day energetically with their mottos.

You can also choose nature-themed artworks with glaze or Italian prime Universal moulding to add an outdoorsy flavor to your bathroom décor. Bathrooms usually have enclosed, windowless, and sterile environments. And prints or artwork featuring landscapes, animals, and plants help you make the room look more vibrant and eye-catching.

Art pieces with proper picture frame moulding can make a bathroom look more spacious, bringing a sense of relaxation and peace.


» Keep Your Bathroom Design in Mind

Design of the space, whether bathroom or living room, can significantly impact where you place pictures. While some homes have only one bathroom, others have multiple bathrooms with different designs and interior spaces. The placement of shower stalls, sink, and toilet can also impact the framing in the bathroom.

You must determine the size, placements of bathroom components, and space available in your bathroom. Also, consider the efficient arrangement of fixtures, your needs, storage, lighting, and furnishing for robust bathroom framing.

You must pay particular attention to your lighting fixtures in the bathrooms. Most bathrooms need shadowless lighting for grooming and shaving. That usually is provided by the light fixtures on overheads and sides of the bathroom mirror.

Make sure you focus on mirror lighting when framing bathroom mirrors to illuminate an average room size. You can increase the general lighting in your bathroom by adding a shower or tub. Also, enclose the lights to use them in the wet environment.


» Learn the Bathroom Framing Basics

bathroom frameKeep in mind that the process of bathroom framing is different from framing the walls in other areas of your house. The reason is simple. Bathrooms have a lot of moisture because of the sink, toilet, and shower. It is better to divide the bathroom framing process into multiple steps to work out the different sections of the bathroom.

Start from framing bathroom mirrors and then deal with partition walls and window openings. You also need tools such as a circular saw, hammer, and spreader for cement. If you're constructing a bathroom frame yourself, make sure you take the measurements and know the bathroom floor plan.

Use framing material that is moisture resistant. Taking care of these aspects will not save your bathroom walls from damage and costly repairs in the long run.

Summing Up

Your bathroom deserves to be decorated just like other rooms in the house. Sprucing up the décor with bathroom framing can offer you an emotional boost and refresh your mind. Choosing picture frame moulding suppliers from Universal Arquati allows you to bring an architectural touch to your bathroom.

The most sought-after frame moulding supplier has a wide selection of frames and moulding you can choose to transform the style and décor of your bathroom. Get in touch with Universal Arquati to learn more about bathroom framing by calling 800-668-3627.