Custom Picture Framing Tips: Beautiful Custom Frames for Large Artwork

Custom Frames for Large Artwork

Choosing the right custom frame for photographs, paintings, and other flat objects can be overwhelming. They come in various sizes and require your due diligence to select the one that suits your space's aesthetic appeal.

This becomes even more challenging when you want to pick something for an enormous canvas or wall-sized paintings. We say this because framing large artworks or massive cameos needs you to take specific considerations into account. These considerations are not as crucial for compact pieces as they are for massive paintings.

This makes it crucial to take a different approach when framing oversize prints and paintings instead of modestly-sized artworks.

For some mind-blowing ideas, check out Universal Arquati's to source some fantastic large-scale custom frames for large artworks. These custom picture frame experts have a wide variety of picture framing options, including oakwood molding, metropolis moulding, contemporary and natural wood moulding to add feel, exclusivity, and warmth to your artwork.

If you want to learn some more trend-setting tips for your oversized custom frames to make a bold statement, here is everything you need to know.

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Why Consider Framing Option is Important for Large Artworks

When framing your extra-large or enormous artwork, you must consider giving the frame some additional rigidity and strength. At Universal Arquati, we ensure that you receive the most appropriate and solid custom frames that are built to last.

We recommend the frame's width and length based on the artwork's size. We work with in-house framing experts to give you helpful advice on choosing the best custom picture frames before we handcraft them for you. Keep in mind that the right type of frame plays a crucial role in protecting your artwork. The right frame keeps your massive artwork from structural warping.

As glare and reflection are more noticeable on a massive surface, consider opting for non-glare custom frames such as matte black or natural wood. The custom picture frames have a unique contemporary aesthetic. These frames come with impeccably bold and subtle moulding; wood frames are a more realistic option with tons of traditional designs and grain apparent.

Both are non-glare options with a matte finish that diffuses light to diminish reflections from light sources and surroundings. They also come with an anti-reflective coating to enhance the artwork's look and protect it from UV rays that can fade over time. Moreover, the custom frames are supremely scratch-resistant and anti-static, making them easy to clean over the years.

What to Consider when Choosing Custom Picture Frame For Large Artworks

As mentioned earlier, large artworks require custom framing with a wider profile. However, it is different for the smaller frames. It is primarily vital to maintaining a visual balance and making the art piece more aesthetically appealing. A-frame with a wider profile complements the art piece without overwhelming the design.

Consider when Choosing Custom Picture Frame For Large Artworks

For instance, if you want to frame a piece with a 25" by 35" dimension, our framing experts recommend using a frame profile of 20"-1.5" wide. Our professional framers can even work with art pieces that are massive as fifty feet across. We help our clients pick robust moldings that work best with picture framing and complement the painting and the whole space you display it in.

Another essential factor you must consider when selecting a frame is "mounting of the artwork." Unlike more miniature artworks that look good with wider mount, it doesn't go well with large paintings. For considerably large pieces, framing professionals at Universal Arquati go for "no mat" or "thin mat."

The glass acrylic covering over the art piece needs to be sturdy and thick enough to protect it. The non-reflective covering accommodates the weight and size of colossal art pieces. You might have seen large paintings on thick and huge canvases. It is because glass framing is thin, light, and prone to breaking. Note that it doesn't apply to print pieces.

That's the reason why you should consider large pieces getting professionally framed instead of going for a DIY approach.

Best Options for Custom Frame Options for Massive Artworks

» Vogue Moulding

The custom picture frame allows you to express your giant artistic piece's creative design in the best way. The beautiful custom frame enhances the artwork and brings attention to the piece. This visually appealing custom frame is beautiful and adds a unique flair to any design.

» Gold and Silver

If you want to add a great look to your large-sized piece, a gold and silver frame never fails to impress you. Regardless of the design, you wish for this frame, Universal Arquati's gold and silver frame moulding is the ultimate choice. Accentuating the artwork, the frame adds exclusivity and uniqueness.

Natural Wood

One of the most sought-after designs for custom framing is natural wood. It works for various pictures and designs that are modern, contemporary, and traditional.

Best Options for Custom Frame Options for Massive Artworks

Need an Intimidatingly sized Artwork Framed?

Framing oversized and extra-large designs or art piece creates different considerations and variables due to the aesthetics and size. This is where Universal Arquati comes in as professional framers to help art enthusiasts choose the best custom picture frames for their gigantic artworks. Contact us to order design frames that have the strength and power to hold large pieces.

If you have any questions about picture framing, of course, please get in touch Universal Arquati at (800) 668-3627 or Check out our picture moldings collections to view options currently available to you.