7 Best Walnut Moulding Picks by Universal Arquati

Are you looking for the perfect walnut moulding and picture frame supplies near you? At Universal Arquati, you can select from a wide range of moulding collections. From the simplest designs to the most complex and hybrid styles, you will find a wide range of picture frame mouldings here.

One of the most interesting pieces of work at Universal Arquati is the range of natural wood moulding. Walnut moulding is among the most qualitative and intriguing picture frame wood moulding you will find in the market. It offers a traditional as well as a contemporary style.

Let's dive a little deeper into the qualities of walnut moulding and why they're perfect for most pictures that require a traditional and contemporary touch. Along with that, we will look at an amazing list of walnut moulding from Universal Arquati.

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Natural Wood Mouldings to Complement Your Decor

Picture frame moulding can add décor and immense sophistication to your room. In the particular case of natural wood mouldings, such as walnut moulding, it creates a unique focal point on the wall. You can even install natural moulding across the whole room and place the most intriguing pictures at locations where you think they will make the most attractive focal points.

It's a method of increasing tone texture on your walls and making your ceilings appear taller than they actually are. You will find various options with your picture frame mouldings supplier in the market. However, finding the perfect brand can be tricky, especially when we're talking about expensive picture frame moulding options such as natural wood (i.e., walnut moulding).

Walnut moulding adds a unique texture and a classy touch to your interior décor making your room appear more stylish and decorative. If you want to make your walls the focal point of a room, consider opting for natural wood mouldings as they suit both traditional and contemporary interior décor.

Walnut Mouldings for a Classic Touch

Natural wood is a universally accepted decorative option for house interiors. It has a much larger appeal compared to other metal frames and moulding options. It's possible to embellish and emboss wood frames and natural wood moulding using the following items:

  •         Gesso
  •         Compo
  •         Paint
  •         Laminations

Furthermore, it's possible to craft and add subtle details to natural wood mouldings with precise tools and handicraft skills. You can add new shapes, textures, and appearances to an existing natural wood moulding.

Natural wood mouldings have various physical properties depending on the type of grain that they contain that comes from different trees. Check out top-of-the-line walnut molding options at Universal Arquati below:

1.      Satin Walnut Moulding 


The 1 1/4" Satin Walnut Moulding comes with 5/8 rabbet in walnut color. It's from the Arquati brand and is one of the sleekest options that you will find in the market out there. Universal Arquati laid a great emphasis on quality to ensure the best appearance.

It suits various styles including wood grain, contemporary, and natural wood. It's purely composed of wood and adds unique visual appeal to your room.

2.      Walnut Sherwood

walnut sherwood moulding


The 2 1/4" Walnut Sherwood Moulding is one of the best in the Sherwood collection and comes with a ½" rabbet for natural wood moulding at Universal Arquati.

Like other walnut moulding options on the list, it features a range of styles for interior decor and wall picture framing ideas. It features a rustic, distressed, and traditional style. The natural and wood grain style forms various physical properties including embellishment and classy texture.

3.      Walnut Basque

walnut basque moulding

The 1 1/2" Walnut Basque Moulding also has a ½" rabbet and features a pure wood composition. The walnut appearance with traditional color accents makes it a popular choice for natural wood mouldings in the market.

This picture frame wood moulding out of the Basque collection works with a multitude of styles. Suiting contemporary and traditional picture framing designs being the main property, the walnut basque moulding also features transitional decorative styles.

4.      Walnut NatureWood

walnut naturewood

The 3/4" x 1 1/4" Walnut NatureWood Moulding has 1 ¼ height and a ¾ width with 1" rabbet. It's from the NatureWood collection. The dark color accent will transform the appearance of your wall and give it a completely new profile.

Adding several Walnut NatureWood moulding around the house will create a connected and seamless look. You can opt for the said walnut moulding if you want a contemporary, wood grain, natural, or transitional style.

5.      Open Grain Walnut

open grain walnut moulding

The 1 1/4" Open Grain Walnut Moulding has a ¾" height along with a 1 ¼" width and ½" rabbet. It offers wood grain and natural wood styles for picture framing. The natural wood appearance that resembles the texture of a tree is perfect for framing pictures on walls in the house of people who love nature.

It's a handcrafted design with a rich and long-lasting/durable color. It offers rustic styling opportunities and produces a chic vibe on the wall you install it on. Open wood grain has been one of the most popular choices for natural wood moulding at Universal Arquati.

6.      Walnut Oakwood

walnut oakwood moulding

The 4" Walnut Oakwood has a ¾" height and 4" width. It's a Valucore brand item that provides a modern finish to your natural wood moulding setting, with its rustic and contemporary texture.

The walnut moulding is best for Polystyrene-style picture framing in rooms with modern architecture and interior décor, as it features a ½" rabbet. It's composed of polystyrene material.

7.      Walnut Color Finish

walnut color finish

The 2 1/2" Walnut Color Finish is one of the finest options you will find. This excellent natural wood moulding option and high-quality finish isn't available at all picture frame wood moulding suppliers in the market.

Universal Arquati feels proud to introduce fine natural wood moulding options, Walnut Robles Moulding. It's from the Charleston collection and blends with wood grain, natural, and contemporary styles.

Moreover, it has a ½" rabbet that makes it even better when you're trying to make a bold décor statement in a room. The glossy and mild to dark color tone especially captivates the eyes.

Find the Perfect Natural Wood Moulding Supplier

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We keep adding new varieties, styles, and designs to our already extensive range of natural wood moulding and framing options. From contemporary and traditional to a contemporary-traditional mix, you will find various wood mouldings. Adding a classy touch to your walls with natural wood has become easier with the help of Universal Arquati. Contact us at 800-668-3627 or fill out our online form.