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Picture Frame Mouldings by all Size, Shape, and Style

The right moulding is essential to your picture frame project. You need to select the best size, shape, and style of decoration for your home or room. Once you have your budget in place and know the length of moulding you need, you can choose the perfect moulding option. Universal Arquati Mouldings offers many varieties of mouldings to meet the needs of any project. You can browse available picture frame mouldings by size, shape, and style to determine which product is best for your picture frame.

Search by Size

The width size of your moulding dramatically impacts the final look of your frame. It also factors into the length of moulding you need for your project. Mouldings from Universal Arquati Mouldings range from less than 1” to more than 4” to accommodate any framing needs. You want to balance the final look of your framing project by choosing a moulding width that complements your artwork.

» 0" to 1":

There are more than 200 options for mouldings between 0” and 1”. You can select the perfect thin decoration to frame a smaller project.

» 1 1/16" to 2":

Choose from more than 230 mouldings with a width of 1 1/16” to 2”. These slightly thicker options are available in several colors and finishes.

» 2 1/16" to 3":

Create a frame that has a thicker moulding width with choices between 2 1/16” to 3”. These options create a high-end finished look for any artwork.

» 3 1/16" to 4":

If you prefer the style of a thick moulding, choose from frames between 3 1/16” to 4”. More significant works of art or paintings may look best with a more abundant decoration.

» More significant than 4":

For larger projects that require thicker mouldings, choose between a variety of frame that is larger than 4”. You can find the perfect size for your next framing project.

Search by Shape & Style

Chances are, you have an idea in mind for the finished look and feel of your framing project. You can search for moulding options from Universal Arquati Mouldings by shape and style to match the needs of your project. Keep reading for more information about the various forms and techniques available for picture frame mouldings.

» Stretcher/Strainer:

This style of moulding is best for stretching canvas artwork in a safe manner. It will protect your canvas over time.

» Fillet:

This rare type of moulding provides the best finishing touches for any framing project. Choose from more than 70 options of fillet mouldings in a wide range of colors and finishes.

» Floater:

If you want to give your artwork the appearance of floating in the air, opt for floater mouldings. Create a unique and sophisticated look for any project.

» Contemporary:

For the most up-to-date style and look, search through the contemporary mouldings in metallic, ornate, simple, and traditional styles.

» High Gloss:

High gloss mouldings provide the ultimate sparkle and vibrancy to any picture frame. Choose from a variety of colors and add a wood grain effect for a traditional look.

» Natural & Wood Grain:

Choose a more traditional look with a natural or wood grain moulding. This type of moulding works with both traditional and modern styles.

» Colors:

Find the perfect shade of moulding to complement your artwork. The right color can help your frame pop without detracting from your painting or print.

» Antique:

Antique mouldings can elevate the look and finish of your frame project. If you prefer a high-end and sophisticated style, this is the perfect moulding for you.

» Distressed/Rustic:

Distressed moulding can provide a rustic look to your artwork and frame. A brand-new look is not always the best for every project.

» Ornate:

Go for an over-the-top look with the most ornate moulding options. With beautiful details and finishes, ornate mouldings elevate any project.

» Transitional:

Create a seamless look with transitional mouldings. You can create the perfect frame for any artwork or print with this style of moulding.

» Traditional:

For a classic look, choose from a variety of traditional moulding options. These mouldings look amazing with any work of art and create a stunning picture frame.

» Liner:

Liners complement any moulding to elevate the look and finish of your picture frame. They serve a similar purpose as a mat and keep some space between the artwork and your frame.

» Veneer:

Veneer mouldings feature a variety of styles and colors to enhance any work of art. Choose from different wood grains and sizes for the perfect moulding.

» Polystyrene:

This type of moulding provides a resilient material to create a beautiful, lightweight frame. The poly bonds never break, twist, or warp for a durable product.

» Faux Veneer:

Get the look of veneer moulding with beautiful details and finishes. Find faux veneer options that complement the look of your artwork.

» Gold & Silver:

Nothing is more classic than a gold or silver picture frame. Choose from moulding options that provide a high-end finish.

» ValuCore:

ValuCore mouldings are durable and sturdy while remaining beautiful and detailed. Choose from several options of ValueCore mouldings in many sizes and colors.

» Wood Foil:

Wood foil provides a natural wood look that is the perfect complement to any framing project. There are many options for wood foil mouldings.

» Paint:

If you want a stunning look that has depth and layers, choose paint mouldings. The level of detail on these products is unmatched.

» New Collections:

The latest designs and styles are always great options. Find the most popular collections for picture frame mouldings.

» Espresso:

For a rich moulding that provides warmth and depth, select an espresso moulding.

It can seem overwhelming to select the right moulding for your framing project. However, with the experts at Universal Arquati Mouldings, you can rest assured that you are choosing the best decoration every time. Search their expansive collection by size, shape, and style for the right look and finish when it comes to picture frame moulding.