Buying Guide for Larger Picture Frames

Adding posters, family photos, and artwork can really enhance the aesthetic appeal of your walls and rooms. Hanging the perfect artwork or photos in the most appropriate and stylish custom framing can give every room its own unique persona. However, picking the right picture frames for your favorite photos and artwork can be a little bit tricky. There are many picture frame sizes and picture frames moulding suppliers offering endless variety.

guide to buying larger picture frames

Countless styles and numerous sizes make it extremely difficult for some people to find the perfect picture frame for their appealing artwork. But, we have answered some of the most important questions related to the topic. This way, you can order picture frames that match the size of your chosen wall decorations. With the tips and suggestions below, you can make the best choice for your next interior design project.

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How Do You Choose the Right Picture Frame?

You can always order picture frames, even without going to a quality store. However, you must know the right size of the picture frame that will make your artwork or photographs look more appealing and distinctive on your wall. But, here’s the recommended way to choose the right picture frame:

·  Measure Your Artwork/Photograph

You can’t go and order picture frames without knowing the dimensions of your artwork or photographs that you’re trying to hang on your wall. Place your photo or artwork on a flat surface that’s completely even. Then, use a tape measure or another handy instrument to take the measurements. Measure the length and width of the artwork and then write it down in case you may forget later.

·  Pick a Closely-Matching Picture Frame

Now that you have the dimensions of your artwork or photo that you wish to hang on the wall, you can easily order picture frames online or visit the nearest shop selling quality frames. Modern photo framing requires you to be careful. So, when you’re sifting through collections of large picture frames, make sure you take your time to determine the right style and impression of the framework.

Keep accurate measurements of your artwork or photo close by and use them to find the perfect size frame. Large picture frames that are closest to the dimension of your artwork or photo are the best bet. Note that you’re not measuring the custom picture frames or larger picture frames from the outside. Measure it from the inside because that’s where the photo or artwork will fit.

Go for custom framing in case standard frame sizes don’t fit your irregularly-sized photo or artwork. Below, we will talk about mats and how they help you fit your artwork or photo perfectly inside your chosen frame.

·  Use a Mat with Your Picture Frame

Mats are like black or white borders inside your chosen custom frames or larger picture frames that help the artwork or photo fit perfectly. Originally, mats prevented the artwork from falling inside the frame, and they generally overlap large picture frames by 0.64 cm or roughly 1/4th inches.

·  Choose a Picture Frame that Complements Your Artwork

It goes without saying that to keep the aesthetics and taste of your artwork alive, you must choose the right style and color of the picture frame for it. For instance, you can choose an ornate gold frame for vintage or print photographs. In modern photo framing, monochromatic and minimal frames are more popular.

· Pick the Right Mat Color

If you plan to add matting to your photograph or artwork, consider choosing the perfect color for it. You go for black and white matting for black and white large picture frames. It will surely give the best look.

What Size is Best for Larger Picture Frames?

Most large picture frames come with matting to protect the artwork or photos you wish to hang on the wall. Here’s a list of some of the best larger picture frames in the market:

  •         30 inches by 40 inches (76 cm by 102 cm)
  •         24 inches by 36 inches (61 cm by 91 cm)
  •         20 inches by 24 inches (51 cm by 61 cm)

Why Should You Go with a Large Picture Frame?

Large wall frames have the same “WOW” effect as any big sculpture, flat-screen TV, or captivating fireplace. By showcasing artwork or photos through larger picture frames, you create new focal points, and more importantly, you make a bold statement. Besides, what’s the best way to make your house feel like your humble abode other than hanging family photos in large picture frames on the walls?

For most homeowners, hanging large picture frames adds character to their space as it defines the theme and vibes of a particular room inside the home. Modern photo framing has brought a variety of ideas and countless options for styling with large picture frames.

Large picture frames

How to Style Large Picture Frames

Styling large picture frames can add the unique sense of interior decoration that you’ve been hoping for since the start. After you order picture frames and use them to decorate a wall, consider the following tips to style in the best way:

· Select the Best Piece

From expensive artwork to family photos and everything in between – custom frames give them all a unique personality. You can even frame flags, posters, and maps using large picture frames. It all depends on your taste and what statement you’re trying to make.

· Choose an Ideal Spot

Don’t hang a large picture frame just about anywhere. Choose adequate wall space and try to hang it in a way that it’s at the center of the whole wall. It can be a real focal point when you hang it right over your bed or mantle.

· Go for the Right Style

You must match the style, variety, and color of the frame with that of your artwork or photo chosen as wall decoration. There are limitless wall decoration possibilities. Plus, larger picture frames markets offer endless variety.

· Don’t Forget Styling the Frame!

Once you hang larger picture frames around your house, you can also style around it. But that would depend on where you hang it. You can add vases and garlands around the frame if it’s right above the fireplace or plants and knick-knacks if it’s above your cabinet or dresser.


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