How to Choose a Perfect Picture Frame That Compliments Your Artwork

There is more to a picture frame than a way to hang art on a wall. Several factors are involved in creating the perfect picture frame, making it part of the art without overpowering the art. A specific strategy is required when choosing the right picture frame that will complement and enhance your artwork and space it will reside in your home.

Picture Frame Designs That Compliments Your Artwork

The options are many, and this can make the decision overwhelming. We have created an outline of suggestions and tips, along with advice and recommendations that can assist you in narrowing down the choices and find that perfect picture frame for your artwork. First, we’ll review the different types of artwork that are being framed:

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Different Choices for The Different Types of Artwork

» The Full-Bleed

When an image reaches edge to edge of the paper, without a border or margin, this a full-bleed, it is typically framed frame around the entire dimensions with just a thin margin overlapping the print along the sides of the frame and without matting. The frame itself becomes the border for a full-bleed print.

» The Mat

The traditional way for artwork to be enhanced within a frame is to be matted. A conservation grade mat board is the best for preserving the art safely and looks great too. It is essential to choose a mat of the best quality as a lesser quality mat will yellow and can ruin your cherished artwork.

What artwork or other pieces are mat worthy? Matting will add a certain allure and impact to small pieces of art, memorabilia, personal photos, and a variety of art prints. Matting creates extra space around the piece, providing breathing room for the eye, naturally drawing it to the center.

Picture Frame Mat Options

» The Float Mount

The floating mount is a print placed on the top of the mat instead of the mat overlapping the print. Floating is often recommended based on the print and the paper. A print with uneven edges is ideal for a floating mat, emphasizing the artwork while the texture and paper shape is showcased. The artwork will have a dramatic but subtle beauty that enhances its beauty and look fitting on any wall.

» The Profile

Picture frame material is an important consideration when choosing a frame to perfectly complement your artwork, and the subject of the artwork is an important consideration. Does metal or wood fit better? Mixing and matching different pieces with different materials can create that perfect frame.

An abstract, modern piece, such as black and white photos are ideal with a metal frame. The metal frame will enhance the artwork, not overpower it. A wooden frame offers a traditional ruggedness that is perfect for wholesome art or photographs, complementing them with elegance and warmth.

Your home’s interior design is a factor in choosing metal or wood framing for your art too. Whether your style is bohemian or minimalist, the right frame is possible.

» The Color

When choosing a frame color, the approaches will depend on the goal you have for the artwork. If the artwork is to be emphasized or are is your focus complementing your interior design. The following three tips can help you choose the right color for a frame that is you.

Picture frame color design ideas

1. Start with a color within the picture to display the art with continuity that accents a specific color. Choose the primary color and create stability with the piece. Choose a secondary color or a minuscule third color within the art and bring that color to the forefront and make the art-pop.

2. A dramatic effect is ideal for the piece that is clean and simple, choose a frame that is opposite of the color in the art. If the piece is chaotic or simple, a frame in the opposite color will give the area you hang the art a bold character statement. Metal will keep the statement clean, not cluttered.

3. Neutral is always safe in emphasizing a particular color in your artwork or go with a frame in the opposite color to create a bold statement. Picture Frame in a neutral color can complement any artwork.

For a classic, clean, and timeless look, a white frame is a perfect choice. Every color in the picture will pop, giving a dramatic look to your art. A black frame is another classic neutral color that complements any artwork and photographs it holds.

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