How to Create a Unique + Ultra-Modern Photo Display Wall in Your Home


Life is made up of many memorable, picture-worthy events. It’s natural for us to want to document these milestones and moments such as: weddings, childbirths, graduations, and more. Additionally, we may not like to see the walls of our living room bare and empty. To make our interior spaces more lively, meaningful, and communicative, framed pictures are a great way to add personality to any space. Most homeowners spend time, money, and effort in decorating their walls with the best possible picture frames. However, the options are so vast and choices so varied that at times it becomes quite difficult to make a decision on a frame and its placement within your home. In this article, we will share some useful information regarding pictures frame and moulding supplies and how to showcase them beautifully within your home!

There Could Be Some Therapeutic Benefits

A few studies have shown that there are some obvious therapeutic benefits associated with displaying framed photos in your living areas. Pictures have the potential to showcase your family roots and help your grandchildren learn about their ancestors. This plays a big role in instilling pride and also builds strong family values and morals. Framed pictures do all the talking when visitors come across them, oftentimes telling your family’s story for you or opening that conversation. If you have hobbies or extracurricular activities that are very important to you, framed photos are a great way to share this with guests as well. Apart from enhancing the overall look, appearance, and ambience of your home, there are a plethora of ways to personalize and beautify your home with framed photos or art.

While the above factors are positive takeaways concerning picture frames and mouldings, you should know how to display them in your home. That’s why we aim to share some of the best tips for creating a picture frame wall that is not only modern but also customizable and pleasing to the eye. At Universal Arquati, we believe cost-effective picturing frame and moulding should enhance any interior space.

Confused With Colors? Go Black And White

Having spent money on picture frame and moulding supplies, you want to make the best of use of your framed photos or pictures. You might be keen on showing off colorful pieces in a frame. However, the colors of the picture should complement the color palette of the room while also standing out. Depending on your color scheme, this might not always be possible. In such situations, it’s better to opt for black and white pictures. Apart from looking neat and clean, black and white pictures evoke more emotional value and contrast. This particular style could bring back nostalgic memories especially if the framed photos include grandparents, great-grandparents, old ancestral homes, and much more pertaining to your family tree.


Follow the Right Process

Life is a process and there is science involved. This is the case with picture frames and displaying your photos, as it does involve quite a bit of planning and understanding the entire process beforehand. Hence, you should follow a few basics steps when setting up your photo display wall.

First off, you must choose the layout arrangement. The most widely popular techniques at this stage include grid, combination grid, horizontal, eclectic, vertical, versatile, and staircase. Each arrangement is unique, so you should choose the style that resonates best with you and your framed pieces.


If you are keen on filling your wall and building it over a period of time, then the grid layout could be the one for you. It’s also useful when you need to create a modern and strong focal point in a particular room or common area.

Mixed Grid

This technique basically brings in symmetry, although the arrangement might look a bit asymmetrical. Like the standard grid, this layout is flexible and versatile and allows you to easily add more framed pictures as months and years roll by.


This layout is best suited for wider rooms, and having pictures or images arranged in horizontal frames could certainly go a long way in making the room feel bigger and spacious.


This could be referred to as a mixed style in terms of size and shape. An eclectic layout is most useful when you need to display various images collected over a period of time, as these framed pieces could come in different sizes and shapes. It’s better to have similar images in an eclectic setup, so you can achieve a more uniform and cohesive display wall.


This type of framed picture arrangement could be best suited for rooms that are not too big in size but have a reasonably high ceiling. Spacing out the pictures evenly and making them complementary to the furniture in the room is important to keep in mind when you choose this kind of set-up.


This is suitable for those who use picture ledges. It could come in handy for re-arranging framed pictures without having to go through the trouble of re-hanging and making big changes. Be sure that the ledge is hung 10 inches above the highest point of your sofa. Overlapping is another tactic when implementing a versatile layout.


This is another classic ways of arranging your pictured frames. This could be one of the best techniques for when you have a wall that encounters a lot of traffic and also draws the attention of the eye upward. However, to make this layout work, you must ensure that there is 10 inches of space between each step so that dusting and cleaning does not become a nightmare.

Selecting the Right Frames

Now that you have some basic idea about the different types of layouts for framed pictures, you must take the time to select the right frames for your wall. There are a plethora of options available, and it all starts with doing some research to choose the right frames for your pieces. You could go in for bold steel styles or choose more classic, gallery styles.

Laying It Out

Starting out, you should measure the size of each and every frame--even if it seems like a tedious and time-consuming process. Measuring, pencil marking the areas, using nails, or other vital steps for hanging your framed pictures must be done carefully. If needed, contact professional help.


Now comes the final task of hanging those precious picture frames. You must use the right kind of hardware and should also adopt the right safety measures while hanging your pieces at the desired height. Make sure the hardware you use is suitable for the type of wall in your home. Furthermore, you must ensure the level is straight, so your framed pictures are not hung crookedly.

Choose the Right Picture Frames and Moulding

Keep in mind that your wall pieces are only as good as the picture frames and moulding you plan to buy. There are scores of options and making the right choice is not going to be easy. You could select frames with a glaze moulding, oakwood moulding, Italian prime moulding, vogue moulding, maison moulding, gold and silver moulding, country colors, along with a host of other choices in style and design. You may have need to consult professionals who have experience crafting moulds and picture frames. Depending on your budget, you can choose from readymade picture frames or customize them to suit specific needs and requirements.


Choose the Right Framing Service Provider

The secret lies in choosing the right frame and moulding maker, and this is a task in itself with so many options available on the market. At Universal Arquati, we believe in offering quality frames and mouldings at a fair price--with countless styles ranging from contemporary to classic in order to accommodate the varying tastes and needs of customers. When arranging your photo display wall, keep in mind that mouldings are also very famous and popular. Handcrafted, imported mouldings and frames will highlight your framed photos and pieces beautifully, allowing them to last a lifetime and for future generations.

The Final Word

Without a doubt, your living rooms and other rooms, however big or small they might be, will not be complete without the right picture frames and strategic display wall to show-off your framed pieces. Apart from giving your home a new look, a photo display wall will allow you to walk down memory lane and reminisce about your ancestors, great-grandparents, and other members of your family. It also will be a great way to treasure any captured wonderful life moments time and again.

For more questions regarding how to arrange a display wall or choose the right picture frame or moulding, please contact our savvy, helpful team at Universal Arquati today! (800) 668-3627.