2021 Creative Ways of Using Picture Frames in your Home Decor

Pictures are invaluable tools for capturing and preserving sweet memories and happy moments. Another benefit is that you can use picture frames to add some gorgeous elegance to your home's interior. Keep reading to discover the 2021 creative ways of transforming your home décor with picture frames.2021 Creative Ways of Using Picture Frames in your Home Decor

Discover the Creative Ways of Using Picture Frames in Home

The following is information and tips to address the 2021 creative ways of Using Picture Frames.

Pick Perfect Picture Frames

Experimenting with custom picture frame moldings is not about hanging a few frames here and there to fill voids on your walls. It is wise to work with frames that complement your photos/art and enhance your interior's look.

For example, if you have a modern house, you may consider an acrylic custom frame to enhance the interior's appearance. A metallic picture frame would damage the entire look in this case.
When choosing a picture frame, always let your art lead and complement the paint on the wall. For example, oil paintings blend well with a simple frame that does not drive attention from the main focal point. A photograph from the 60s can look right with a gold bamboo frame.

Your artwork size also influences your picture framing decisions. Always match your photo and frame sizes. Custom picture framing can cater to your unique frame dimensions whether you want to encase panoramic or small photographs.

Pick Perfect Picture Frames

The options for custom picture frames are endless. It, therefore, helps to schedule a consultation with a reputable custom picture framer or frame supplier. Here, you will be required to share details about your artwork and space style so designers can offer you the best options for your picture framing.

Work with a Contrasting Mat

Frame stores always ask customers whether they need something matted. A mat is a thin piece of paper-like material on which your art or picture sits. It mostly serves a decorative purpose, but it also protects your artwork from damage.

As mentioned above, matting's main idea is to accent your pictures, so you will choose your mat color carefully. White or cream-colored mats work great on most pieces of art. However, a dark mat can incredibly emphasize line drawings, black and white drawings, pencil sketches, and monochromatic photos. You can use layered mat boards to add a dramatic look to your artwork or pictures.

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People love gallery walls for many reasons. They are a great way to infuse pattern and color into space and take up unused space on a large wall. Most importantly, a gallery wall allows you to showcase who you are and what you love through your favorite prints and pictures.

Building a gallery wall does not have to be intimidating. Start with deciding what you want to showcase and the type of arrangement you would like to use. Gather a collection of personalized wall art or favorite family photos that mean something to you.

Fantastic Gallery Wall with Picture Frames Ideas

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Next, gather picture frames in various styles, sizes, and finishes, experimenting with those that best suit your art or photographs. Note that a more extensive picture needs more room to breathe while smaller photos appear best in groups. Before hanging your art, preview the arrangement and spacing by laying the frames out on the ground.

A Staircase to Paradise

At some point, homeowners will try to capitalize on the empty wall alongside their staircases. Whereas there are various ways to reinvent this space using picture frames, most people are doing it wrong.

For example, a vertical arrangement is often overbearing, and your guests have to crane their necks up to view them. On the other hand, a horizontal configuration proves tricky when hanging those pictures or pieces of art high on the wall. Still, people will hardly see them.

A diagonal arrangement makes more sense. But you may be tempted to experiment with square frames, arranging them in a corner to corner design. However, this will form a 45-degree angle, which will come off as odd because most staircases have a much shallower angle.

Your ticket to cracking a staircase gallery wall is hanging your pictures along with the same angles as your stairs and at an appropriate height. Create some sense of drama in your gallery by mixing and matching different styles of picture frames.

Staircase Gallery Wall with Picture frame Ideas

Create Your Pictorial Family Tree

Your extended family member will not be thrilled to realize that they are not represented anywhere in your hour house. But still, it is not easy to figure out where to place all those photos immaculately.

The best way is to create a wall gallery of family photos that flawlessly highlights your lineage. Hang the pictures on top of each other based on the line of descendants. For example, your grandparents come at the bottom, while your parents, uncles, and aunts follow on the second line. Your kids will be at the top line.

Mix portrait and landscape picture frames to add some charm to your family tree. And complete the design by stenciling branches and leaves on the wall. You can keep adding pictures to the pictorial tree whenever there is an addition to your family.

Pictorial Family Tree

If you lack enough wall space to display all the members, you can purchase a metallic family tree on which you can hang as many picture frames as possible to complete your pictorial family tree.

The Bottom Line

Do not hold back from sharing those sweet memories preserved in your photographs with the world—leverage the above 2021 home décor ideas for picture frames to add a dramatic look to your home.

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