Custom Picture Framing Artwork: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Custom Picture Framing Artwork: DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

It is true that some things should remain in the hands of the professional. While most people assume that crafting and customizing picture frames is an easy task, you need to know that professional picture framing services get the best quality. It is a good decision to frame your artwork, especially if it is beautiful, precious, and holds sentimental value.

You have to choose the right picture frames to preserve the aesthetics of your creation. You cannot compromise the quality, integrity, and impact of your piece of art to fit into regular and contemporary fashionable picture frames. This article will discuss the difference between DIY-ing and hiring professional custom picture framing experts like Universal Arquati to create custom picture frames for your needs.

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DIY Custom Picture Framing Artwork

Who doesn't love beautiful artwork displayed on walls? It makes sense to DIY if you possess skills in crafting, painting, decorating, and designing. Anyone can learn the ropes of picture framing but keep in mind this only applies to its basics. Most importantly, DIY-ing does not ensure the same quality as your custom picture frame and may also affect the art's longevity, value, and appearance.

DIY Custom Picture Framing Artwork

» Benefits of DIY Framing

  • Making a DIY custom picture frame can be interesting and may become an enjoyable hobby for you in no time. Once you start the process, you will get better gradually and show your creativity. It will enhance your skills, and the more frames you produce, the more confidence you will have.
  • Cost savings are a no-brainer. When you are not hiring someone for the task, you won't have to bear the costs of custom picture framing. Therefore, you may end up saving more through DIY than professional picture framing services.
  • Absolute personalization will be the main feature of DIY custom picture framing from the get-go. You can do it when you get time, invest money and energy according to your convenience, and have full authority over what you need. In short, the process will become a way to express creativity.

» Disadvantages of DIY Framing

  • Creating intricate custom picture frames is no child's play. You may end up with a bigger mess than you may have originally thought of due to a single mistake.
  • Home décor trends keep changing, which means that you may spend hours and days crafting a single and most unique picture frame only to realize that it is no longer in fashion.
  • The DIY process rarely yields quality similar to professional custom frames. What you imagined as a custom picture frame isn't what you may get as the final result using DIY techniques.

Professional Picture Framing

So, you don't have time to craft a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing picture frame for your artwork. Well, you don't have to worry because that's where professional picture framing services come into play. However, while you opt for this option to receive a high-end quality product, make sure that you contact the best professionals like Universal Arquati.

Professional Picture Framing

» Benefits of Professional Picture Framing

  • Professionals can work efficiently and with more precision. Hence, you don't have to leave your other tasks pending or spend hours crafting a single custom picture frame. Moreover, while your DIY approach might not yield the results that you expect, professionals will surely address your requirements to produce the exact picture frame using the right material.
  • Custom picture framing experts have a higher efficiency rate which means less wastage, less material use, and timely completion. Thus, you won't have to be uncertain regarding the completion of your DIY project anymore. You can use this time to work on the interior décor of your home/workplace. Professional picture framing services will solve this problem for you.
  • They can create the most intricate picture frames with accurate details and make sure to meet the expectations of their customers. As frames help protect and enhance the beauty of your artwork, professionals provide the highest-quality frames using various materials of your choice.

» Disadvantages of Professional Picture Framing

The only drawback of professional picture framing is high costs. While some might see this as an excuse to indulge in DIY frame crafting, others can see this as the justification for the high-quality that custom picture framing experts deliver. Notably, some high-end frame producers may charge a high price due to antiquities. However, you will not face any such problems if you hire us for your custom picture framing needs. We have a transparent process and ensure to provide the best value for your money.

Meet the Best Custom Picture Framing Experts

For the right type, size, shape, color, and material of custom picture frames, you should get in touch with only the best professionals. For that reason, Universal Arquati is the name you can trust. We have a team of passionate art experts who care for your artwork as much as you do. Without accurate knowledge, experience, skills, practice, and tools, DIY-ing the framing process can cost you more.

As one of the best in the industry, we offer a wide range of mouldings and picture framing services for residential and commercial spaces. So, get in touch with us or call us at (800) 668-3627 today to find the best frames for your valuable artwork.