Everything You Need to Know About Picture Frame Moulding

Frame selection goes beyond just hanging a photo in the room. It involves a thought process to choose a picture frame moulding that can complement and enhance your interior.

The good news is that you can get an array of picture frame supplies when you buy from reliable frame sellers Universal Arquati. The renowned suppliers have a wide collection of signature framing and moulding to meet the requirements of their customers.

If you’re looking for high-quality picture frame moulding, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to know.

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What is Picture Frame Moulding?

Picture frame moulding refers to the shape of a picture frame profile. Typically, the moulding of the custom frame forms the profile of the picture. In fact, it is an integral part of custom framing.

Picture frame moulding can be simple and complicated depending on the size and type of artwork you have. Custom picture frames add a rectangular boxed shape to the frame shape.
Mostly, it is a combination of rectangles and squares to add charm and unique texture to the walls of any space of your dwelling. You can use custom picture frames on your walls with nails and adhesive. But if you don’t want to pay carpenters, you can hire a handyman to get the look of the picture frame moulding.

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame Moulding?

» Select Special Frame Moulding for Special Occasions

All events have their own value whether they are grand celebrations or small-scale parties. It is especially true if you want to make the event memorable. You must select something different for the most special event or wedding photos. Choose something extraordinary like “glaze moulding”.

Special Frame Moulding for Special Occasions

The picture frame moulding offers elegance beyond basic aesthetics. It protects against the photo's different elements. Plus, it looks exceptionally beautiful with a gold picture frame.

» Go for Creative Frames for Artsy Pictures

Are you an artist looking for unique custom frames or a photographer searching for the right picture frame sizes to showcase your work?

You need something creative to display your craft. You can choose Italian Prime Moulding from Universal Arquati. It is an excellent option for quality decors and creative artistry. Simple yet incredibly unique, it is a fantastic choice you can get from one of the top picture frames moulding suppliers.

» Choose Smaller Frames

Frames nowadays come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes so that you can choose the one that fits your space or décor the best. But if you’re not using the frames for exhibitions or galleries, it is better to consider the picture frame sizes before buying.

Make sure you don’t buy a frame that is bigger than the photo or artwork you want to hang. That means less is better in some cases; especially if you want to hang the frame in the house.
Choose Vogue Moulding as it comes in the perfect size and can fit into any interior. Plus, the beautiful moulding elucidates creativity and artistic vision.

» Consider the Interior of the Room

This might not seem an important consideration when choosing the picture frame moulding, but it makes a huge impact. Your picture frame must match the décor of the room if you want to improve the exquisiteness of the space.

From picture frame moulding style, color to its size, every element should complement the overall interior of your room.

Consider the Interior of the Room

» Pick the Right Frame Color for Photograph

As mentioned in the last paragraph, complement is compulsory when it comes to framing the photographs. You must choose the shade that goes with the photograph to enhance the presentation of the photo. Country Color Moulding, for instance, is the right choice for photographs.

It comes in plenty of colors to choose from. Whether you like marshmallow white or Charcoal black, you can buy it for your photograph.

What Size Moulding Do I Need?

Deciding on the right size of picture frames moulding is important to achieve the look. Here are some tips you can use to determine the size of moulding you need.

» Decide on the Accurate Width of Picture Frame Moulding

The width of your picture frame moulding is typically the distance across the frame’s face. It is the part that faces outward when you hang the frame on the wall. One of the ways to solve this is to consider width from ¾ inch to 1 ¼ inch for frames ranging between 8 inches x 10 inches and 15 inches to 19 inches.

If the width of your custom picture moulding is 1.5 inches to 2-1/4 inches, choose frame sizes between 16 inches and 20 inches. You can also consider larger frame widths for sizes like 24 inches x 36 inches or larger.

It is not necessary to follow the same sizes. It is better to take aesthetic considerations of your room into account when determining the size of the width of the custom frame.

Accurate Width of Picture Frame Moulding

» Choose the Desired Moulding Style

To choose the right size of picture frame supplies, look over the collection of different frame styles at Universal Arquati. Once you choose the moulding style, note the width.

» Determine the Moulding Length Needed to Make Your Frame

Add all the sides of the picture frame you want to make. For instance, if you want a 16 inch x 20 inch frame, take out the sum of its sides. Now multiply the moulding width by 8 and add the figure to the total sum.

You can add a half-inch to the length to provide some room in the recess of the frame. It allows you to avoid the closed fitting of a stack of foamboard and matboard.

When you find out the length of your moulding, you can determine the length of your feet. Divide the total length by 12 to find that. You can choose the best combination or length to make the frames.

How Do I Hang a Picture Frame Moulding?

Adding any traditional photo frame is a comparatively affordable and high-impact project. Here is how you can hang picture frame moulding.

» Install a Rail

Install a chair rail at 28 inches or at a quarter of the ceiling height of the room. Start by marking the chair rail placement and then attach it to the wall. You can use 1 ¼ finishing nails.

» Assess the Moulding Space

Draw a picture of the frame moulding to determine the number of boxes in each section. It allows you to make a detailed cut list. You also need to find the spacing around the box.

» Install Moulding

Once you have taken the measurements and double-check them, cut pieces for moulding boxes. Take two horizontal and vertical pieces at a 45-degree angle to fit them together. Ensure the right fit by positioning the pieces tightly on the wall.

Install Picture Frame Moulding

» Prime the Moulding

When rail and frame moulding are fixed, you can complete the look in many ways. Either paint or prime the moulding to match the color under the picture. Hang your picture frame moulding on the wall.

Summing Up

Picture frame moulding comes in a wide variety of types and styles to meet the aesthetics of your room. Visit Universal Arquati online or call 800-668-3627 to learn about the best picture frame mouldings or custom framings you can choose for your photos and artwork.