How to Decorate Your Workspace with Custom Picture Framing

How to Decorate Your Workspace with Custom Picture Framing

When you want to design a beautiful and positive work environment, there are plenty of office décor ideas to consider. Regardless of the nature of your business, you can design a workplace that reflects your company’s working culture, goals, and values.

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Benefits of Office Décor

Here are the benefits of decorating your personal or shared office.

» Boost Productivity

Nobody likes working in a cluttered or messy environment. Choosing beautiful décor items can make your home or corporate office look pretty and professional.

» Good Impression on Clients

If your work involves daily interactions with clients, decorating your office can make a big impact on your business.

» Ownership

A well-decorated office means you love and own what you do. Furthermore, office décor has a great impact on a team’s productivity.

» Variety of Options

A slew of office décor items can help companies create a beautiful work environment. Whether you are setting up a home office or decorating a large corporate office, there are plenty of décor ideas to choose from without denting your bank account.

Decorate your Office with Custom Picture Frames

Decorate your Office with Custom Picture Frames

Custom picture framing allows you to experiment with different décor ideas to make a great impression on your clients and employees. Styling your workplace to boost the morale and productivity of your employees can help your company reach important milestones.

Setting up a well-decorated office can be a great way to create an inviting and comfortable environment for your customers, visitors, and employees. Online custom framing makes it easy to display your photos, artwork, products, or motivational messages.

In this guide, we are going to offer some valuable tips for decorating your shared workspace, corporate office, or home office with custom picture frames.

Let’s first start with how to decorate a shared office space using custom frames.

» Shared Work Spaces

Custom picture framing for shared spaces revolves around creating a collaborative environment. Another benefit of decorating a shared workspace is to allow your visitors to know more about your company.

Make sure your wall décor for a shared workspace is not too personalized. The safest way is to focus on the goals and vibe of the company. After all, everyone in your team is working towards mutual goals. You don’t want to display individual goals or personal accomplishments because every milestone you accomplish is a result of teamwork.

» Custom Framing Tips for Decorating Shared Workspace


Large corporate spaces can benefit from posters in neutral but bold colors. Your company can display product promotions, maps of your production facility, or certifications. However, artwork and company pictures are also important for painting a positive picture of your workplace.

Brand Logos

Your company logo is an attention-grabbing branded piece personalized to your business. If you walk into an established office, the first thing you will probably notice is how they frame their logos. Using custom framing ideas to display your company logos gives off a professional image. Many offices display their company logo framed in colorful picture frames that resonate with their branding.


Much like posters, framed artwork can add more class to your corporate office décor. Choose paintings, digital artwork, or your prized collection of antique paintings to make your workplace a pleasant place to be. Remember to choose artwork that complements the size, dimensions, and branding theme of your office.

» Personal Offices

Unlike large corporate office spaces, decorating your home workspace is easier and more affordable. That’s because you can choose personal photos or display your own artwork to create an optimistic work environment. Home office décor is all about creating a focused work environment on personal preferences. That means you can choose to display what you think will motivate you better.

Whether your personal office is within an office building or your home, design it in a way that makes you feel more comfortable and positive. Using custom picture frames will help you flaunt your personal collection of pictures, paintings, and artwork.

Custom Framing Tips for Decorating Personal Office Décor

» Custom Framing Tips for Decorating Personal Office Décor

Documents and Accomplishments

Custom framing your educational degrees, certifications, or any other significant documents is a great way to add more sophistication to your personal workspace.

However, these décor accessories will only grab attention if you use decent framing options. Choose a sleek and classy picture frame to display your personal accomplishments on your home office wall. You can get creative and design a photo wall displaying both personal and professional photos.

Family Photos

Don’t hesitate to hang personal photos in your personal office. Many times, pictures of your children or loved ones are the best way to motivate you for success. Use custom picture frames to display what matters the most. You could use your graduation picture with your parents and siblings or pictures from a vacation you enjoyed with your friends. Gorgeous landscapes of your favorite places and pet photos look great as well.

Unique Artwork

If you have some space left, frame fun and unique items to make your home/personal office more interesting. You don’t have to invest in expensive and antique paintings. Many people spice up their wall space by choosing foreign money, postcards, maps, and puzzles.

Mouldings: Best Type of Picture Frames for Decorating your Workspace

The best part about custom picture framing is that you can experiment with out-of-the-box ideas. Once you decide on the photos, artwork, or documents you need to display, you can choose quality and affordable framing solutions.

You can either choose a tree pattern to create a photo wall or an oversized painting/picture to cover an entire wall. Mouldings are a great option to choose durable and protective frames for your pictures or artwork.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for the best custom picture frames for your home or corporate office?

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