How to Display Your Artwork like A Pro

If you want to display your artwork like a pro, it’s time to consider all the small details that come with framing - this will help make your area look the best it possibly can. What exactly are the parts of the quality framework that will make your photography or artwork come to life? There are quite a few factors that go into creating the absolute perfect custom picture frame. Though a little overwhelming at first, we are going to break it down for you in the simplest of ways. At, we want you to be happy with your choice, and we are here to help you discover the best picture frames to compliment your artwork. Call Universal Arquati today at (800) 668-3627.

How to Display Your Artwork like A Pro

Choose Your Frame Color

There are many approaches to choosing your frame color, whether you are trying to compliment your interior design style or make your artwork ‘pop’ more. Always go with your gut instinct - you’ll be the one displaying the artwork! There are three main ways to choose a color for your frame. See below:

Go With The Neutrals:

A neutral frame compliments any piece of artwork, and delicate tones still make pieces glow beautifully. For example, white frames are timeless, and they complete either dramatic art pieces or regular ones. Black frames are also another classic look that generally fits well with any interior design style.

Pick A Color From The Artwork:

This can be as subtle or dramatic as you’d prefer - selecting your frame color based on a hue or shade within the art piece. It helps to accentuate a certain color and provide stability to the painting and wall contrast. If you go with a frame color that matches only a tiny portion of the painting, it will serve as a focal point that draws people into that certain area of the art piece. Either way, it’s a win-win situation when you opt for a frame the same color as a piece of the artwork.

Add Dramatic Effect:

Let’s say you have a simple black and white painting or a clean piece that needs framing - try a pop of color that’s the complete opposite of your painting! Opposite frame colors make a bold statement and add character to an area. Our suggestion - go with a metallic frame for a dramatic style. Other colors will make the area seem forced and cluttered

Choose Your Material - Wood Or Polystyrene?

It’s vital to consider the material of a frame before making the big decision. So, why does the material matter? First off, it will be the deciding factor if your piece will be complimented nicely or not. For example, if you have modern pieces such as black and white photos or abstract art, Polystyrene frames are what will compliment them best. Wooden frames are all about that natural touch of warmth - a more rugged look that suits wholesome photos and paintings elegantly.

Select the meterial Wood Or Polystyrene

Your choice in interior design will also play a major in which material you opt for. Depending on if you’re into the minimalist look, modern style, or you’re a bit eclectic - these factors will help you make your final decision. Call the pros at Universal Arquati for help with specific design questions at 800.668.3627.

To Mat Or Not To Mat?

A mat board creates a border or window around your artwork or picture and sits between the picture and the frame. The material is almost cardboard-like, and it provides a certain aesthetic that will boost your paintings and artwork tremendously. So, when should you use a mat? They work extremely well for small pictures or pieces of artwork - you’ll want large matting to fit your frame if your pieces are small.

It’s a very clean look that also comes in a wide array of colors to make your area gorgeous. Here at Universal Arquati, we have many different matting options, so don’t be afraid to get creative! Our choice of different matting colors and textures will bring your artwork to life. Call Universal Arquati today for more information!

Other Important Recommendations For Framing Photos

There are quite a few reasons to use a professional framing company like Universal Arquati. And, tons of recommendations go along with framing to perfection. Keep these tips in mind to help you along the way.

  • Choose where you want your photo to be displayed. It will help you decide on the decor for the surrounding areas and ensure that your frame or mat board matches the room. It also helps you size the area and take proper dimensions of where you want your artwork to be mounted. You need to make sure that both the print and the frame size is appropriate for space.
  • Do you want the photo hanging up for a few years or 20+? How important to you is this artwork? Surprisingly enough, this is a pretty big factor in deciding which materials you need. Archival materials are more expensive, but your photos will be protected and allow you to hang them virtually anywhere because the special glass will protect the artwork from UV damage.
  • Always use a professional framing company like Universal Arquati! You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll get exactly what you order.
  • Choose your glazing. We recommend something with a minimum of 70% UV protection and good clarity levels.
  • Choose a matboard if you decide to go that route. Make sure your mat board is pH neutral and acid-free. Play with color combinations and choose what best fits your style and decor! You can always contact a professional at Universal Arquati to help you choose the best design options.
  • Talk to your framing expert about mounting options. Photo corners and hinging is highly recommended
  • Have fun with it! Bend the rules and make things work for you and your home decor style. It is your artwork that you will be displaying!

Final Thoughts

Custom framing is a fun way to make your artwork ‘pop,’ and even though it might seem like a chore at first, it will be very well worth it. Always contact a professional framing company such as, especially if you have never framed large artwork pieces before, or it’s your first time framing in general. Be confident and move forward to the next step of your project with stride! Contact Universal Arquati today to learn more about all of our fantastic framing options that will accent your artwork to perfection and make rooms in your home come to life!