Universal Arquati and the Interior Design Industry

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Frame Mouldings for Every Type of Interior Design

Whether you are designing the décor of the main salon of a cruise ship, the lobby of a law firm, the “family” areas of retirement homes, a Fortune 500 firm’s CEO’s office, a Michelin 5-star restaurant, a mid-market restaurant chain’s dining room, or the living room of a top Hollywood celebrity, our more than 1,000 mouldings provide you with hundreds of different framing options; one or many of them will perfectly match your interior design vision.

Polystyrene products continue to dominate the frame moulding market. These mouldings’ innovative finishes can evoke the look and even feel of wood, metals and other natural materials. Our natural wood mouldings come in mahogany, fruitwood, walnut, cherry, pecan, and more, in satin, natural and distressed finishes.

Manufactured Mouldings that Look Just They Are Made of Natural Materials

One of our most popular lines comes from Valucore™, one of the largest collections of polystyrene mouldings available today. Valucore™’s collection is one filled with the latest styles and timeless shapes, with finishes that evoke chrome, silver oxide, beaded mahogany, bronze scratch, gold rope scoop, English pine, even pewter. All look like the natural substance, but all are made of polystyrene.

All of our moulding frames are lightweight and exceptionally durable. They are a great way to accentuate different interior design elements, adding originality to any room.

If you’d like to learn more about how our frame mouldings can work for your interior design clients, visit one of our Universal Arquati showrooms in Dallas, Los Angeles or just outside New York City to see some of the thousands of moulding frames we offer. Give us a call at 800-668-3627.