Universal Arquati - The Leading Provider of Picture Frames & Mouldings in Southern California

The Leading Provider of Picture Frames & Mouldings


Universal Arquati has been a premier provider of custom picture framing since 1960. With the merging of Universal Framing Products and Arquati Moulding in 2009, we have brought quality to frames to a national audience. Arquati Moulding is one of the leading providers of wood picture frame moulding, and our superior craftsmanship means your home or business is graced with expertly and stunningly designed picture frames. We use exquisite mouldings from Italy to provide your interior design project with the perfect element that can instantly finish a room.

Whether you want to display pictures to remember meaningful moments for years to come, or you use pictures to fill empty spaces on your walls, picture framing design ideas can do justice to both your photo and your home. Art lovers can also benefit from expert framing. The right frame will complement the artwork’s theme, color, and topic.

Displaying your artwork and pictures in Universal Arquati picture frames will liven up your living space and bring a sense of cohesion to your rooms. If you’re renovating your house or freshening up your interior design, nothing says “finished” quite like a custom picture frame moulding on the wall. You will amaze your guests with stunning pieces and leave a lasting impression on every person who walks through your door.

We Understand Exactly How Valuable Your Photos & Artwork

You can bring your photos and art to a craft or hobby store to find a frame but it will never feel right. The framework will always be missing some crucial element that completes and complements the photo or artwork. Your picture needs the right frame that gives it context and feeling. This is where Universal Arquati steps in. We understand exactly how valuable your photos and artwork are to you, which is why we perform every picture framing job with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our picture framing design ideas are the best in the business.

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Our work in the picture framing industry utilizes framing best practices and cutting-edge techniques. We study every picture and art piece brought in to determine what variation of frame moulding will work best to bring life to the photo.

For over 50 years Universal Arquati has been one of the leading picture frame providers throughout the United States. We have strategic distribution centers on the West Coast in Southern California and on the East Coast in New Jersey. The entire Arquati line is easily accessible to every customer.

Through the merging of two companies, Universal Arquati can provide our clients with the best customer service in the industry, easier access to a significant amount of our valued product, and the ability to design their interiors with the highest quality picture frame moudlings in the industry.

Universal Arquati - Wide Range of High-calibar Framing Options

With Universal Arquati, you’ll find a wide range of high-caliber framing options that will complement any interior design and budget. No matter what type of frame you require or desire, Universal Arquati has a picture frame that will match your style and your photo or artwork. Our framing process ensures that every client is exuberant about their picture frame choices and the final execution.