Learn What kind of picture frames is right for your home?

Frames are meant to add beauty to your home and grab the attention towards the art. They show the decorator’s aesthetic sense and the style of people living in the house. Therefore, when you are putting frames up on your walls do a little research before you fill them up with some random picture frames.

Just filling up walls with frames does not add any style to your home, it only looks messy and can take away the charm of the rest of the beauty of your house. So, what do you need to know before you select your frames? Let’s see.

Right Pictre Frame for your Home

Do they match with the theme of your house?

Having a particular theme to your house gives more definition and a personality to your home. These themes would comprise the paint colors, the color, and style of your furniture and then, of course, the decoration of your walls. At this point, you must make sure that your frames are in proper coordination with the overall theme. Putting red frames on white walls won't work.

Do they have good color coordination with each other?

The frames must match with each other too; you cannot put two different themed and colored photo frames next to each other. Don’t just fill the whole room with one color, try to mix and match and create a right combination of colors. Using a lot of bright colors might make the room lose its personality, and it can overshadow the furniture. So, create a good mix of bright and soft colors so that they coordinate well.

Are Picture Frames placed at the right space?

It's not just about putting up all the frames you have; they need to have a place there. If you're going to hang more photo frames on a wall, then make sure that they are of variant sizes and attached at the right space from each other. This way the wall looks cleaner, and it would give a perception that an effort has been made in making the position of the frames strategically right.

So now that you know how you can use the right frames in the right places, let’s see where you can get some of the most fantastic picture frames for your home. Universal Arquati it is! Here you can find some of the best frames and moldings that are just perfect for your house. They have a wide variety of structures. Their most recent collection includes:

Italian prime molding

These moldings have the most fantastic matt, oak grain, high gloss, and open grain finishes. They come in many different colors and extremely affordable prices. These moldings will add a very classic style to your walls, and they look very stylish.

Country color floaters

If you are a more colors kind of a person, don’t worry we got your back. These moldings have specifically designed for people who want to add more color to their walls. These are available in 13 different colors on very decent prices. These colors include red, blue, yellow, orange, etc.


These are an even modern touch to the Italian prime; they have muted metallic tunes which is further enhanced by wooden stains. These are pure classic and the most stylish frames to decorate your walls.


The good, old classic styles with a rustic finish is this collection. They have five different profiles and two new colors. They keep the frames classic and traditional and sophisticated for your walls.


These are the mid-century designs with some modern touches. They feature the highest quality matte, high gloss and veneer finishes. They will add to the contemporary feeling of the room and are perfect to give a very decent person to the home.

So, check out the website for Universal Arquati, http://universalarquati.com/, you can buy some great stuff on very decent prices. Grab it before the new stock ends!