Make A Splash With These 2020 Frame Mat Color Trends!


New Year, New Colors

At Universal Arquati, we are masters at providing picture frames, mouldings and supplies for any style or aesthetic. Color is a huge part of interior design--especially wall spaces. As a result, our frame and moulding specialists are passionate about staying in the know when it comes to current and future color trends.

In this blog, we’ll cover the top hues for your frame mats this upcoming year (and possibly the decade), as specified by the color experts at Pantone!

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2020 Color Visions + Predictions

Are you wanting to add a splash of color to your walls--something fresh and new? The following tones and hues are the official top 12 colors throughout design for Spring/Summer 2020. In general, the upcoming trends for the new decade include vibrant colors paired with soft tones and classic neutrals.

Furthermore, the Pantone Color Institute color experts have discovered that many designers and homeowners are searching out hues that reflect a sense of the familiar. Many people now want their interior spaces to be friendly and relatable, using a palette of colors that is calming and reminiscent of the natural world. Also, with self-expression so personalized in the 21st century, future color trends take unique twists and turns, surprising all of us with elements of humor, modernity, and entertainment.

The modern consumer and homeowner is ultimately seeking out stability, creativity, and more spontaneous design approaches in 2020. That’s why these trending pigments seem to effortlessly blend heritage and tradition with a colorful, youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings. Color is in the eye of the beholder.

What better way to liven up your wall spaces than with a pop of surprising color? At Universal Arquati we aim to please. Whether you want to freshen up your frames, frame mats, or mouldings with a new, splashy hue, we want to cover the top 12 trending colors that will provide inspiration for you to consider in your framing designs.

» Saffron

To add more warmth and richness to your walls, consider opting for framing supplies and details in a rich saffron hue, also known as Chamois Gold. This spicy hue adds a vibrant pop of color to any modern composition, pairing well with a crisp, contrasting white.

» Faded Denim

For a softer, subtler hue, faded denim (also known as Biscay Blue) is the color for you! In particular, this lighter blue is excellent for framing charcoal and watercolor art pieces. For maximum relaxation, consider incorporated a faded denim frame mat in a room with stark white and/or soft grey details.

» Coral Pink

A nod to retro style and design, coral pink is making a huge comeback with a modern spin. Also known as, Moroccan Spice, this vibrant pink is one of the most popular arising color trends and pair well with gold or brass accents.

» Chive

This earthy shade, also known as Williamsburg Green, adds a healthy freshness to any neutral color palettes, pairing well with whites, greys, and ochre pigments. Because it is reminiscent of the natural world, chive green is perfect for framing botanical prints or adding freshness grey, blue, and/or white details.

» Ash

Grey is still the ultimate modern color. However, ash in particular adds a dash of warmth and sophistication to a neutral or monochrome palette, complementing endless color compositions. Ash would actually pair well with any of the other top 12 colors for a surprising combo that’s not overwhelming.

» Brilliant White

As mentioned earlier, monochrome is a current trend that is expected to extend into 2020 and beyond. Some colors like a classic, brilliant white never go out of style. For a color that’s equal parts chic and charming, a nice stark white frame mat will add airy freshness and a modern aesthetic to your walls.

» Grape Compote

Did you know that the color purple is currently making a huge splash? For 2020 and beyond, this royal hue is one of the bolder options. Also known as Purple Wildflower, Grape Compote is perfect for making a visual statement via frame mats and wall spaces. Similar to coral pink, purple pairs wells with gold or brass accents for undeniable visual impact with a feminine touch.

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