Why Picture Framing Art Matters Most in Interior Design

Picture Framing Art Matters in Interior Design

When most people are designing the interior of their homes, they tend to forget one of the most critical elements-picture framing design ideas. Interior design is about more than picking out fancy furniture and lovely carpets. Interior design is about creating a cohesive room with pre-planned elements from top to bottom. The place needs to flow, and every aspect needs to mesh well with the others.


If you leave the picture framing out of your design or wait until the end of the renovation to decide on picture frame designs, your room will lack cohesion, and it will be noticeable. Wall art picture frames are the most important piece you can add to your interior design plans. Yes, you need to have your couch upholstery and flooring picked out, but you also need to make sure your picture frames add to the room without clashing or taking away too much attention from the overall design and atmosphere.

Why are picture frames so essential?

Picture framing provides an instant color palette.

Choosing the right picture frames adds to your color palette or helps you start a new one. There is a plethora of picture frame designs, colors, and finishes you can choose.

Picture framing creates a focal point.

Your picture frames can create a stunning focal point in any room. The right picture framing design ideas can add the perfect finish to your room and, when done correctly, instantly draw the eye to the frame without overwhelming the overall design.

Picture framing brings a sense of texture.

Picture frames come in a wide variety of textures and finishes. Choose the right one to match the color palette and atmosphere of the room. The surface of your picture frame should complement the theme and feel of the room.
Picture framing makes the room appear finished.

If you’re not sure the renovation is complete, have your art picture framed and hung. You can instantly finish a room through simple picture framing. It can add the final element you didn’t know was missing.

How Universal Arquati Can Make Your Interior Design More Impressive

Universal Arquati has been a leader in wood picture framing since 1960. We understand the value beautiful picture frames can bring to any room and we want to help you make your interior design more impressive. Since the merging of Universal Framing Products and Arquati Moulding in 2009, we have helped countless customers bring quality frames into their homes and design plans. We take pride in our ability to create inspiring pieces that complement any design scheme and deliver value to your room and your home. We make every initiative to learn about your renovation plans and develop picture frames for your art that will bring the right color and texture into the design. Your room will look instantly finished.