Picture Framing Tips: DIY Framing or Hiring the Framing Experts?

A collector knows that framing artwork is essential to the piece, and when left to the professional framers, the piece will receive the treatment it deserves. It is essential to take steps that not only preserve the art but protect it in the future. The frame that houses art is a piece of art itself.

Ah, what if an art collector has a bit of DIY inside and would like to attempt the framing? Is it a possible task that is worth the journey? There are particulars and peculiars to building a frame that is right for a piece of art. Not all art is the same, nor should the frames be either.

Picture Framing Tips: DIY Framing or Hiring the Framing Experts

Tips to Address the Skill of Picture Frame Building and Choosing:

The following is information and tips to address the skill of frame building and choosing. Whether you decide to take on this artful and exciting skill, or you're merely interested in the process, this piece shall be of interest to your curiosity.

Do-It-Yourself Picture Framing – How Difficult is it Really?

First, you shouldn’t begin this endeavor until you understand the art technique and mediums used and how they may react to the framing process. It is essential to know how the frame is a feature of the art it holds.

Next, to choose the right material for a frame, several factors must be considered first:

  • 1. Choosing glass over Plexiglas, with caution to light reflection
  • 2. A mounting board where the artwork will rest needs to be an acid-free material
  • 3. Matting should be either acid-free paper or a cotton rag.

Do-It-Yourself Picture Framing

Concentrated research should be performed when choosing the tools for this endeavor. Some specialized stores and websites can help you choose the proper tools needed and reach an understanding mentioned earlier. The tools you’ll need may vary if you’re doing a complete from-scratch build or if you’ll purchase some ready-made items. The items needed include:

  • A fitting tool
  • A mat knife
  • A mat cutter
  • A glass cutter
  • A point driver
  • A framing vise
  • A bone mat burnisher

Like any new task, this task is an achievable challenge that needs much research time and practice.

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DIY Framing or Hiring the Picture Framing Experts?

Where 2-D framing is considered, the box-framing process is a different technique with a different approach demanded. Is your desire to frame your artwork a creative mode that you’ve discovered while in quarantine? Are you looking for complete freedom in your choices that you’ve not found created by experts yet? Do you have the desire to show your independent style in aesthetics? Perhaps you want to master this new skill that relates to your passion for art collection. No matter your reason for trying your framing, your accomplishment’s success is only a part of the prize.

Professional Assistance or All-In DIY?

The process of framing your artwork is exciting and rewarding. The personal gratification is unsurmountable. Even you decide to have the framing work completed by a professional after getting a start on it yourself, you’ll be smarter for knowing and understanding the basics of what should be done.

For the DIY option, a word of advice that can’t be repeated and stressed enough: Do not attempt dry mounting or any process that requires adhesive elements! If it requires altering a piece of art, and that is not something you want to do. Finally, when it comes to savings, keep in mind the quality of the materials and tools will give you multiple uses, so by the sixth or seventh art piece, the cost has lowered. However, you can now ask informed questions about the information you have learned when seeking professional framing assistance.

How to Frame Your Art: Framing and Matting

Framed art, images, and items are an expression of the owner’s interests. They may be a way to celebrate a special event. They are a way to coordinate the decorating while defining the schemes that include highlighting or introducing color preferences. A professional picture framer will refer to the term “conservation” when speaking of the materials and techniques they use for framing valuable art, whether the piece framed is financially valuable or a sentimental value.

How to Frame Your Art: Matting and Framing

Framing art isn't just a skill but a collection of skills and knowledge of equipment and materials. With this new-learned knowledge and some practice, the most novice can become a handy craftsperson that produces attractive and well-crafted frames.

The matting is more than the border surrounding art. It has the purpose of presentation and providing airflow between the glass or plastic and the art. A mat board is essential in the proper presentation of art within a frame. A mat can bring out a color from the picture or frame to make it stand out in a room. Matting can make a smaller piece of art more extensive or create layers with multiple mats.

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Choose the Right Framing Matting

The mat and the backing board create support for the artwork when placed in between. While attaching art to the backing board is the preferred method by most professional framers, it is a choice for the framer.


The adventure in trying your hand at framing is to be applauded, and even the most experienced professional was at one time a novice. For a piece of art that is of particular significance, it is recommended to stay with the tried and trustworthy professional, saving your learning curve for a less significant piece.

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