Picture Framing Tips: A Guide to Preparing Your First Gallery Exhibition

Having your artwork displayed on the wall is not only exciting but also gratifying. For many artists and photographers, this works as a driving force. Whether it is a painting exhibition or photography, it deserves a good display if you have put hard work into it.

While preparing for your first gallery exhibition is super exciting, it can be overwhelming. It would help if you planned tons of things to make your artwork presentable. Though your work has got you into the show, it is your presentation that helps you sell.

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Learning picture framing tips is of paramount importance to make your first gallery exhibition a success. The article, in this regard, includes some useful tips to help you exhibit your work correctly.

Tips to Prepare Your First Gallery Exhibition

1. Choose the Art Work You Want To Show

Preparing for your gallery exhibition begins with choosing your favorite work to display. It is all about selecting the pieces of artwork that make the best contrast or combination. They must become an attractive package for the viewers and attract their attention.

If picking out the best pieces objectively seems complicated, ask a friend to help you make the decision. A friend (preferably from the same field) can be both your worst and best critics. But it is essential to give him free rein to choose the pieces he believes are best to exhibit.

Try to come up with a common theme or narrate a story through your artwork. It is an excellent way to bring your whole gallery together.

2. Contact Framers and Suppliers

If your exhibition supports a social cause, it is better to contact supply stores and framers. They know how to sell or donate your art pieces for a lower price.

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3. Arrange Your Art Work

Deciding where you will arrange your work is another crucial thing that you must consider. It depends on the space and number of artworks you want to display. If you already have space, figure out the dimension of the walls of the room. Also, make a draft of how you will arrange the pieces. This is a smart tip to determine whether every piece will fit the space when you're ready to set it up.

You don't have to be a pro to do this. All you need is to draw a to-scale graph of the space you have. Measure your studio or home's exact size, arrange the pieces in the space, take photos, and use them as a reference when setting up.

4. Photograph the Pieces before Framing

Before you get your artwork display-ready, make sure to create high-quality documentation of all the pieces. Regardless of the work you're showcasing, try to scan or photograph it before framing with display material or glass. If you have proper documentation of each piece you showed, you will be able to keep it in your portfolio if someone buys it.

5. Create Business Cards and Price List

This tip is essential to make things hassle-free for your visitors and buyers. Having a price list helps visitors find information and the cost of your artwork easily. Before you begin exhibiting, create a price list with each piece's size, price, media, and title.

You should display the list on the place where visitors can quickly locate it. If you're having a grand exhibition, it is better to print multiple copies of your best artworks and hang them in various places.

Like price lists, business cards play an important role in arranging an organized gallery exhibition. This allows people interested in your work to contact or get in touch with you in the future. Many people often walk in the exhibitions and galleries without funds to buy something. However, with your business card, they will be contact you later if they enjoy your art and make a purchasing decision.

Printing the photos using an online service is an ideal way to save your time and money. If you have a huge collection to show, printing all your photos can be costly. Before you start printing, consider the space you will be using as a studio. You might want to have photos of different sizes to add variety to your first gallery exhibition.

7. Frame Your Artwork to Display

Framing your work or pictures is one of the most critical steps when you prepare for an exhibition. The right framing can elevate the entire feel of an artwork. If you're displaying 2D or 3D pieces, make sure to frame them using the designs that complement the artwork.

Interestingly, you may have plenty of options to choose frames. But it would help if you made sure that the frame you choose doesn't distract the audience from your art. Keeping the frame simple is one way to let your work outshine. Framing also makes hanging your work at the exhibition easy. Depending on the frame you choose, you may need more hardware to hand the gallery pieces.

Moreover, you can create something for your photos if you don't like the square frames. Think out of the box and choose picture frames and mouldings that accent your work. Glaze framing, for instance, is not only appealing aesthetically but also protects against elements that can damage the photo.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, preparing for your first gallery exhibition is intimidating. But if you know the right tips to display your work for the public, you may turn it into an excellent experience for your viewers. Thus, use this guide to rock your work display.

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