Standard Picture Framing Size Guidelines for All Type of Artwork

Standard Picture Framing Size Guidelines for All Type of Artwork

If you have certain questions regarding the best framing sizes to display your artwork or pictures, this post is just for you.

Many times, homeowners and interior decorators find it hard to choose the right frame sizes. That’s because they don’t know how to handpick the most appropriate size that highlights the best elements of a painting or a picture.

You can determine the best picture dimensions when you are aware of the most common sizes available. In most cases, you can choose the standard picture frame dimensions to frame your picture or artwork. However, you can also opt for custom picture framing to frame pieces without a definite shape.

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» Small Picture Frames

If you have limited space, small picture frames are a great option. You can hang a dozen of smaller picture frames or choose a few to display your photos or artwork. These frames are great for a home office or small working space. Smaller frames also look pretty when they surround a larger frame.

» Medium Picture Frames

Typically, these frames are considered standard picture frames. Therefore, they are ideal for displaying photos on a wall or a desk. You can also choose these frames for your medium-size art prints.

» Large Picture Frames

This size is perfect for adding a unique home décor item, such as a large-sized antique painting or a family portrait. In addition, choose these frames for displaying large art pieces or creating a collage of your favorite pictures. While you can opt for any color, large frames are usually available in bright colors.

» Extra-Large Frames

When you want to revamp your living space, your office, or your studio, using extra-large frames offers a unique and affordable way. Use a large-sized frame as a centerpiece for your living room, bedroom, or even the kitchen area. The style is excellent for renovating dull areas of your home or office. You can use this size for displaying antique artwork, official documents, or posters.

Most Popular Picture Frame Sizes

Standard Picture Framing Sizes

Here are some of the most popular and common framing sizes that are easily available.

Standard frame sizes include:

» Picture Frames for 5x7 Photos

This size is most popular for pictures because many photographs are printed in this size. This size works when the focus of your picture is just one person. If you are looking for a frame to display your personal photos at work or home, 5x7 is a perfect size.

» Picture Frames for 8×10 Photos

This standard size for picture frames is perfect for family photos.

» Picture Frames for 8.5×11 Photos

This size is popular for framing certificates and documents. Frames of this size are mostly available in metal or wood materials.

» Picture Frames for 11×14 Photos

You will love this size if you need big and beautiful frames to display architectural maps or corporate photos.

» Picture Frames for 16×20 Photos

When choosing a medium-sized picture frame, this size is the most popular option. You can go for this size if you want to use a painting or picture as a focal point while mixing it with other pictures. As a result, you can create a beautiful collage.

» Picture Frames for 24×36 Photos

Large-sized picture frames are mostly used for displaying posters. If you need a frame for a prized movie poster from the 80s, this size may be the best choice. You will mostly find these large frames in dorm rooms, studios, offices, gyms, and theatres. However, you can also use it to display memorable pictures at work or home.

Standard frame sizes

How to Measure a Piece of Art or Painting

If you want a picture frame for a piece of art you own, you will need to determine its dimensions. That means you must measure the height and width of the artwork. In addition to that, you should also determine the thickness of the artwork or painting. These figures will help you choose the best frame.

If you want to measure the thickness, here are a couple of things to know. If the painting is ¼” thick, you should look for a shadow box frame. These frames are perfect for jerseys, 3D collectibles, and wrapped canvas.

If the artwork is less than ¼” in thickness, a standard frame will be the best choice.

Tips for Digital Photos

With technological advancements, it is common for photographers to use digital cameras and even smartphones. However, that means you may need a smaller frame for photos that you take from your cell phone.

If you want to print an image that you receive via messaging apps, it’s best to use the original image. You can get easy access to the original file by saving the image on your phone or device. When you email these files, you can choose to send these images in their full resolution.

That’s the best way to print these photos so you can choose the most appropriate picture frames.

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