The Essential Tips & Tricks: Treating Your Framed Artwork With Care


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When it comes to framing your photographs and artwork, we want your pieces to reflect the character of your interior space, looking and bringing out its best. Besides from supplying and distributing framing solutions for private residences and commercial buildings, the Universal Arquati team is your go-to source for all things framing. That’s why we’ve compiled the following tips and tricks for framing and caring for your artwork so that it lasts a lifetime--and then some. If that’s not quality, we don’t know what is!

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Your Go-To Guide For Artwork Care

When it comes to your framed pieces, you’ll want to preserve them, so they can continue to beautify your space for the years to come. Caring for your framed artwork requires special attention but is not a hassle to be dreaded. Whether you’re maintaining oil or acrylic paintings or works on paper such as drawings or prints, we have the insight you need to not only frame your piece but keep it safe from any potential damage. Without further ado, here is our complete guide to giving your framed artwork a safe haven for long-term enjoyment.


Framing Your Pieces: As any art professional will recommend, the first step in caring for your artwork is investing in the quality framework for your piece. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect frame for your unique artwork:

  • » Canvases should be hung without glass.
  • » Due to changes in temperature and humidity (even in indoor spaces), it’s important that a canvas is stretched upon a supporting frame correctly to avoid altering or damaging the piece (i.e. cracking paint layers).
  • » Any works on paper should be framed under glass and mounted properly with acid-free materials to avoid damaging the art.
  • » For especially valuable artwork on paper, polycarbonate is the ideal framing material as it offers UV protection that prevents your piece from fading.

Hanging Your Art: After framing your art piece(s), the next order of business is hanging it securely. Some factors to keep in mind when trying to determine the best placement for your framed artwork include the following:

  • » Direct Light
  • » Humidity Level(s)
  • » Eye Level & Focal Point
  • » Center Point
  • » Hanger Positioning
  • » Kraft Paper

Cleaning & Care: Like anything else in an interior space, framed artwork will require proper cleaning and care to not only look its best but endure over the long-term. Here are some helpful hacks that will help you successfully preserve your framed pieces:

  • » Do not use water or any other cleaning solutions for framed paintings.
  • » To keep canvases from collecting excess dust, simply run a feather duster over the surface lightly.
  • » Twice a year, framed paintings should be removed from the wall and shaken lightly to remove any accumulated dust or debris.
  • » Regularly inspect your frames for any signs of wood-worm.

Does Your Artwork Require Professional Treatment?

Besides routine maintenance in the form of cleaning and dusting, your framed artwork could require professional treatment throughout its lifetime. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that your framed pieces will show when it requires the services of an expert to restore them:

  • » Paint Layer Cracks
  • » Lifted Paint (i.e. Canvases)
  • » Yellow Spots On Paper (Note: These yellow spots of fungi usually show up on the back of the paper first, so it’s important to regularly check the back of your framed pieces).
  • » Waves Or Bumps On Canvas
  • » Changes In Color Hues & Tones
  • » Visible Water Exposure

Storing Your Artwork: In the event that your framed artwork is not yet hung, you will want to store your art pieces safely and soundly to avoid any possibilities for damage. When it comes to framed paintings, climate is crucial. You will want to store a painting in a similar type of climate in which it will be hung--otherwise, you run the risk of compromising the artwork due to intense discrepancies between temperature and humidity. Here are some other things to keep in mind when storing your framed art:

  • » Store paintings above floor level for optimal airflow and protection from water damage.
  • » Cover your framed art with cotton sheets--polythene could allow for the growth of mold.
  • » Use dividers or carton to separate framed pieces to avoid causing any pressure.
  • » Utilize silica gel sachets to protect your artwork from any moisture in the air.

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