5 Awesome Tips For Decorating A Small Space With Custom Picture Frames

When living in a small area, you want to get creative when it comes to decorating your ‘home sweet home.’ Whether it’s organizing your room to make the space more accessible or adding custom picture frames to your walls to open the area, there are ways to aim for both perfection and coziness. Leading custom picture frame moulding company Universal Arquati can help you figure out the best custom framing designs that will help your small space be maximized to its fullest potential. Listed below are five of the best ways to hang your pictures or art, as well as tricks and trips to maximize your space.

Decorating A Small Space With Custom Picture Frames

Tricks and Trips to Maximize Your Space

1. Be Creative With It

If you are finding that your walls are too small to accommodate your frames, it might be time to start getting creative with your art gallery. In order to find a harmonic balance, sometimes all you have to do is tweak the rules and own them. Instead of hanging your frames, try resting them against objects - the more creative, the better. Lean them against a shelf, against the wall, on a desk, or even the floor. In addition, this will save you the trouble of hammering into the walls!

Creative art work without hanging

2. Make Things Simple

There is such a thing as too ‘loud’ when it comes to adding picture frames to your walls. Not every wall needs to be completely filled up with a large frame gallery. It will be a little too overwhelming if you have a huge mix of colors, patterns, and frame styles. Make sure that there is an appropriate amount of spacing between each frame, and try picking a uniform color scheme and style to work with.

uniform color scheme

3. The Bigger, The Better

If you want to make a big statement in a small area, try creating a focal point with one large wall piece. This type of focal point will serve as an eye-opener in any field and will make your living space look bigger with minimal effort. In addition, you don’t need to confine your gallery to one wall or area - you can fill up two joining walls with multiple frames. This will provide you with negative space on both walls, which, in turn, opens up areas.

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4. Make Things More ‘You’

It is always so important to add your personal touches throughout the bleak spots in your home. By framing your own favorite pieces of art and your own photos, you will easily liven up an area and make it feel like home. It can make any area more desirable when you display the people that live there or other essential things. Make that small apartment space ‘yours’ by making it more personal to you and your family.

favorite pieces of art and your own photos

5. Hang Your Frames Nicely

Contrary to our previous statement about setting your frames against something, hanging pictures nicely is preferred if you have space. It might be easier to rest them against something, but the effect just isn’t the same. If you hang up your frames, it will open up space on your tables, and it will complement a small space. As a bonus, there are so many ways to hang your frames - you can go for a unique design or a simple and sleek look. In addition, framesets of three compliment any more extensive wall space.

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Hang Your Picture Frames Nicely

Final Thoughts

Customizing your area, especially when it’s on the smaller size, can seem like a daunting task. And truth be told, it can get complicated. However, with the right guide, you will easily be able to decorate your space with custom picture frames and maximize a certain area. Using these tools to maximize an area, your house will feel more ‘open’ even if it is super small. Make anywhere look more cozy and spacious by using custom frames and setting them appropriately to maximize your space. Contact Universal Arquati at (800) 668-3627 today to learn more about how custom frames can make your space pop!