The Top 6 Picture Framing And Decor Trends Of 2020

The great thing about interior design is that it gives us the power to express our own personal tastes in decor passionately; however, we see fit. It enables us to make a certain area our own, and if the design is done properly, it can even help boost the overall value of a home. In order to keep up with modern times and make your home as beautiful as possible, follow these top decor and framing tips of 2020 - your home will be the interior design envy of the neighborhood!

The Top 6 Picture Framing And Decor Trends Of 2020

2020 Top 6 Picture Framing And Decor Trends

1. Minimalism Is Out - Divided Environments Are Back In

Large and open spaces have been a huge trend this past decade due to the minimalist aesthetic. Minimalist environments help make a home look more connected and larger to the untrained eye. However, you will begin to see a return in divided rooms due to the minimalist concept making an exit in 2020. Problems with minimalist decor and open rooms include sound and scents traveling, which is why a more intimate decor plan will be making a swift return.

Framing will play a significant role in this transition, as people will use them to create a certain distinction between different areas of their homes. For example, a living room may use a certain style and size of the frame - a design style you won’t see in other areas of the home (as each area will have its own unique statement frames).

2. Floating Frames Will Become More Popular

Float/floater frames are frames that sandwich photos/art between two clear sheets of acrylic or glass in order to create a floating illusion. This beautiful way to display subjects creates a strong visual impact and is an all-around gorgeous way to show off a wide range of materials. You’ll see floating frames become very popular in 2020 due to the overall clean and creative way of displaying subjects throughout many major home focal points.

3. Maximalism And A Louder Decor Style

While many people shift away from the look and feel of minimalism, chaos is becoming more widely accepted. In Japanese, this is known as wabi sabi- the acceptance of imperfections and living with them in harmony. Decor is focusing more on comfortable spaces and louder decor designs in 2020. Known now as ‘maximalism,’ homeowners are loading areas of their home with many different choice subjects that don’t necessarily follow any design style - it’s an eclectic feeling loaded with character. Maximalism will inspire the framework to be more colorful, and areas of the home will mix different frame materials and sizes in the same spot - creating a more vibrant and chaotic look.

4. Shadow Box Frames Will Stay A Major Focal Point

A shadow box is an enclosed glass-front frame style, and they are designed to enclose and store not only art and pictures but items as well. They create a sense of depth and go much deeper than standard picture frames, and in 2020, they will still be a top trend to display precious momentos. They are filled with character and will make any area ‘pop’. If you want to learn more, check out how to make a shadow box with style, and make your home stand out!

5. An Increased Popularity In High-Quality Products

More people will be looking into purchasing high-quality products and furniture in 2020. The trend is to look for items that not only provide functionality but also have a solid base to them. People will also be looking for creative art and products that add personality to their homes. These products will likely be made from natural and organic materials - such will include wooden objects and bespoke frames that are handmade and created with the finest of materials.

6. The Key Materials Will Be Leather And Wood

In 2020, people will transition from cold and clean-cut metallic materials to a warmer and more personable decor tone. In fact, the more hospitable design style will begin exploring many more organic materials. The ‘look’ of 2020 will definitely include leather and wood, and people will begin incorporating these materials in their homes. There is a large range of ways to do this, including bespoke framework.

Final Thoughts - Maximizing The Way Your Home Decor And Framework Looks

We are finally straying away from the minimalist look, which means you’re clear for take-off when it comes to decorating your home with more vibrant and personable design styles. As we put an end to the minimalist chapter, you can expect to see many home designs incorporating warmer and more organic tones, along with more closed off room areas in order to make each area more unique and different from the next. Frames are making one of the biggest changes, as people are getting away from the modern looks such as strict lines and metallic material, and opting more for natural-looking frames displayed in unorganized ways. However you decide to decorate your home, know that in 2020, the sky really is the limit and you have many more options for interior design than you did a few years ago!

Be confident and move forward to the next step of your project with stride! Contact Universal Arquati today to learn more about all of our fantastic framing options that will accent your artwork to perfection and make rooms in your home come to life!