Top Trends To Inspire Your Wall Decor


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For over 10 years, Universal Arquati has been the go-to national supplier for the best quality picture frames and mouldings at the best value. We offer a wide array of collections to accommodate any style under the sun, enhancing your framed pieces and walls.

Are you looking to redesign your interior spaces? There is a wealth of inspiration out there, and frames and mouldings are a wonderful opportunity to add visual interest to any room. Read on to learn more about the latest trends in wall decor! To browse through our frame and moulding collections for further inspiration, click here.

Picture Perfect Wall Decor Trends

Sometimes changing the design scheme of your interior spaces is as simple as reframing your artwork and photographs and/or changing their layout on your walls. Here are some popular styles that you can emulate when giving your rooms a face lift!

» Minimalism

Let less be more. Minimalist interior design is comprised of sparse yet quality pieces. The idea is to create visual impact with focal points. This minimalist approach can be achieved in a few different ways, considering your own personal belongings and the particular room in question:

  • » One single, large framed print
  • » Matching artwork colors to other key pieces in the room
  • » Sharp, bold lines when it comes to frames and moulding
  • » Limited accessories
  • » Subtle color accents

Since the whole idea behind the minimalist movement is to reduce environmental impact and waste, it’s important to consider the materials incorporated throughout your interior space when redesigning in this style. For example, frames made from upcycled wood fiber will add a subtle touch of texture to your walls without increasing your carbon footprint!

» Bohemian Chic

Boho has never really gone out of style--it has just evolved with modern influences. The cornerstones of bohemian style are mix-and-match prints and vintage pieces with a little wear-and-tear. Consider the following interior and wall decor if you’re trying to get eclectic with boho chic:

  • » Textured wallpapers
  • » Linens and rugs with unique prints
  • » Distinctly shaped frames

When it comes to bohemian frames and moulding, don’t be afraid to get retro, ornate, or decorative with your choice(s) to add a bit of whimsy to your walls and rooms!

» Natural Gold

Do you want to add a bit of elegance and sophistication to everyday living? Subtle golden accents pair well with natural, earthy for style that’s equal parts effortless and classy. In a room filled with muted tones, an ornate gold frame will become the visual centerpiece of a room. Alternatively, rustic wooden frames and mouldings will allow gold light fixtures (i.e. lamps, chandeliers, etc.) and furniture pieces to truly shine.

» Vibrant Colors

Splash into color. When coming up with a new color scheme for your walls and interior spaces, remember the rule-of-thumb as following:

  • » 60% Main Color
  • » 30% Secondary Color
  • » 10% Accent Color

However, don’t be afraid to add bold jewel tones to your walls and frames such as rich reds, punchy purples, and gorgeous greens when accenting your rooms. Not only does this expand your color pallette, this design choice can brighten and expand your living spaces considerably. Lucky for you, Universal Arquati offers frames and mouldings in a wide spectrum of hues--start by looking at our Country Colors for your perfect accent here.

Gallery Walls At Home

Whether you decide to mix and match your framing styles, or choose one distinct, curated design, we believe you should only adorn your walls with the best quality at the best price. Are you looking for more wall decor inspiration via new frames and mouldings? Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for ideas and our full catalog. Call Universal Arquati today at 800.668.3627.