Transform Your Room with Moulding from Universal Arquati

More than 300 moulding profiles, we offer beautiful mouldings that facilitate project design. Our experience and helpful staff provide you useful information about reviews plan and evaluate diversity in mouldings design. We also provide the attractive showrooms features in the form of large doors, walls and columns of decoration. We offer the creative style of embellishment so encourage to bringing the customers in our showrooms and explore uniqueness in it. We used two type of frame in Universal Arquati; one is crown moulding, and other is baseboard moulding. These mouldings help you to transform the appearance of your rooms and able to achieve a wide range of unique design. 

Universal Arquati As a National Moulding Supplier

From December 2009, Universal Arquati moulding and Universal Framing Products provides the best quality to their valuable customers. The company is known as the top leader in the wood picture framing moulding from 1960. It offers superior and unique crafted and beautiful designs and decoration from Italy. Universal Framing Products was a leader in supplying better quality moulding picture frame at the valuable process in a unique and latest styles. Both companies enhance the product offerings by strong inter-relationship with each other. Customers are fully satisfied with their products and receive valuable result after using it. After merging Universal Framing Products and Universal Arquati, customers of Universal Arquati's continue to get useful services and also the unique product at a reasonable price.

Before you begin: Choose the right Moulding

As we discuss above that there are many types of moulding; crown and baseboard moulding. Our home centers provide a variety of unique moulding material depending on the interior design of your room.

Natural Wood Mouldings:

Natural wood mouldings are the mouldings of choice for most applications. Natural wood mouldings work with both contemporary and traditional design goals.

ValuCore Mouldings:

ValuCore Mouldings offer any look you can imagine. Polystyrene frame moldings and other moldings can be cut and stapled just like wood using standard woodworking tools.

Crown Moulding:

Mouldings are the best way that adds beautiful style and look to your room. Crown moulding acts as the bridge between ceiling and walls. It helps in providing the prominent location where beautiful architectural accents can shine beautifully.

Contemporary styles:

Contemporary Frame moldings in Metallic, Ornate, Simple and Traditional frame molding designs are available for your Designer or Craftsman to finish your artwork off just rights. Contemporary Picture Frame mouldings are popular in many applications.

Beautiful Mouldings for best Interior design:

If you are looking for frame moulding for the decor of the main salon, the lobby of the law firm or living room of top Hollywood celebrity, then we are here to provide you more than 1000 embellishments that help you to match the frame mouldings with interior design vision perfectly. Our company offers a unique collection of picture frame mouldings such as polystyrene, Pine, Oak, and PVC. Amongst all of these, polystyrene products are dominated in the frame moulding market.

Are You Looking Professional Moulding Supplier?

If you are looking for the best professional moulding supplier near your area, then Call Universal Arquati at 800.668.3627. We are proudly serving the high-quality picture frames and moulding since 1960 as the best moulding supplier in Dallas, Texas. Our company provides unique and best quality products to our customers at a very reasonable price. After merging with Universal Framing Products, we are able to continue work with improved services and provide value products to its customers at a very reasonable price. To view our latest moulding collections, please click "new mouldings" section on our website.