Ultimate Custom Picture Frame Buying Guide 2021

There is a wide variety when choosing the best frame materials and designs to display your artwork and pictures. Buying beautiful and timeless frames that complement your artwork and pictures is tricky. Custom frames are the best framing options because they fit every photo and art-piece according to their dimensions and size.

If you wonder how to get hold of the best picture frame, we have got you covered. Our guide offers valuable tips to help you understand why custom picture frames are the best way to frame your artwork and pictures.

Ultimate Custom Picture Frame Buying Guide 2021

What Art Are You Framing?

The real purpose of framing is not just displaying your pictures or artsy paintings and designs. A premium-quality and durable frame offers protection to antique and expensive artwork and allows you to hang all printed or painted images uniquely.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a frame for your artwork or pictures.

  • Are you framing something that has a special meaning?
  • Are you framing an irreplaceable item?
  • Where do you want to hang your frame?
  • What style of frame do you prefer?
  • Do you plan to change your frame shortly?
  • What is the frame thickness you are looking for?

It's understandable why you would want to go for any ordinary standard size frame from your local retailer if you are framing something trivial. However, when you want to buy a frame for a personal artwork close to your heart or frame an antique or expensive painting, picture frame moulding is the best option. That's because custom picture framing allows you to frame pictures and images of varying sizes.

Types of Art You Can Frame

Types of Art You Can Frame

Here are some types of art you can frame for setting up a beautiful display.

  • Puzzles
  • Posters
  • 3d collectibles
  • Diamond paintings
  • Art prints
  • Wrapped canvas
  • Jerseys

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Things to Consider when Buying a Frame

Let's delve deeper into how you can choose the best frame that best fits your needs and budget.

» Type of Art/Picture

Consider the type of art or picture you need to frame. Is it a contemporary digital print or an exquisite antique painting? The framing material you choose depends on both the sentimental and monetary value of your object.

Generally, frames are available in standard sizes. The most common frame sizes available are 5x7, 8x10, and 16x20. Determining the value and size of the piece you want to frame is the first step in choosing a premium-quality frame.

While there are bigger sizes for framing large objects, what to do when you have something unusually small or big to frame? That's when picture frame mouldings come into play. In addition to that, pay attention to the medium and substrate for choosing a frame that suits the piece. Are you framing an oil painting, a digital photo, or small pictures? The best part about mouldings is that they help you frame artwork or images of any size and scale.

Type of Art/Picture

» Frame Type and Material

Another important factor is the material, style, and finishing type of your desired frame. Whether you like stained, painted, ornate, lacquered, brushed, oiled, or ornate frames, choose according to your artwork. For instance, if you are framing something artsy or classical, choose ornate framing. When you are choosing something for an art deco piece, opt for a lacquered frame.

Another important thing is to focus on the purpose of framing. Are you choosing a frame for merely protection or adding more beauty to the piece? Do you plan to move the framed piece to another room or another location? Choose the material and finish that can withstand the test of time and suit your needs. If offering protection is a priority, mounting options are great for protecting your artwork as well as your walls.

Frame Type and Material

» Design and Appearances

Choose frame and colors that best suit your décor. Do not go for any materials that make your pictures and artwork out of place. Choosing a frame color that blends well with your wall color is a safe bet. Focus on appropriate colors that will bring out the best in your pictures and art. You can create a stunning effect by matching the piece's colors to the mount's design and the framing material.

Some people prefer highlighting specific elements of their pieces with the help of their frame. You can also go for a matte look, depending on your taste and the piece's colors or texture.

» Other Considerations

There are several other conditions to consider when choosing a picture frame or picture frame moulding for your pictures or pieces. How do you want your pictures? Do you want to create a 'family tree' with different pictures? Are you setting up a personalized gallery at your home?

All these considerations are important when you want to experiment with different picture framing ideas. Creating a wall collage of picture frames is one of the most popular ways to display artwork and pictures. Again, choose framing materials that do not require heavy maintenance. Picture frame moldings come in a variety of materials and prices. Remember to choose a moulding that comes within your budget but offers just the type of protection and durability you desire.

Browse Our Moulding Collection and Select a Frame Style

Check out hundreds of picture frame moulding options on Universal Arquati to buy beautiful and exclusive framing mouldings. We offer premium-quality moulding options at value prices so you can choose a frame style according to your needs and budget.

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Browse Our Moulding Collection and Select a Frame Style

Valucore Mouldings: These beautiful mouldings can be stapled or cut to offer any look possible


Natural wood Mouldings: Perfect for a natural and earthy style frame


Gold & silver Mouldings: Give a new life to vintage artwork or image that deserves attention.

Gold & silver mouldings ideas 2021

Contemporary Mouldings: Beautiful and modern frame mouldings for multiple applications


Fillet Mouldings: Exquisite mouldings for displaying beautiful artwork and objects

Fillet mouldings ideas 2021

High gloss Mouldings: If you want to add more drama and gloss to your pictures and art pieces, choose high gloss mouldings

High Gloss mouldings ideas 2021

Distressed Mouldings: These mouldings are great for adding authenticity and a touch of elegance

Distressed mouldings ideas 2021

Matte black Mouldings: The ever-popular matte black mouldings never go out of style. It offers perfect framing for both artsy and contemporary pieces

Matte black mouldings ideas 2021

Universal Arquati: New Picture Frame Moulding Collections

The new collection offers an exclusive variety of mouldings that go well with all kinds of pictures and artwork.

Capri AS: Perfect for contemporary and traditional framing

Capri AS-mouldings-ideas-2021

Massimo AS: Beautiful and classy mouldings for all precious and expensive art pieces

Massimo AS mouldings ideas 2021

Trevi AS: Choose these mouldings for all your traditional, contemporary, and artsy framing needs

Trevi AS mouldings ideas 2021

Bianco AS: Beautiful and elegant for multiple framing applications

Bianco AS mouldings ideas 2021

Classico AS: The name says it all! Perfect for adding a rich and classic touch to your artwork

Classico AS mouldings ideas 2021

Milano AS: When looking for something classy and artsy with a hint of contemporary, opt for these mouldings

Milano AS mouldings ideas 2021

Edge II: Ideal for protecting all artwork and bringing out the best in your pictures.

Edge II mouldings ideas 2021

Keystone: Timeless and elegant mouldings for adding the perfect touch to your artwork and pictures

Keystone mouldings ideas 2021

Metropolis II: Combining antique and traditional methods with modern finishes, these mouldings offer nothing but the best framing designs

Metropolis II mouldings ideas 2021

Robles: Best for antique and traditional pieces

Robles mouldings ideas 2021

Sterling: Add a luxuriously stunning Sterling frame to your pieces that make a strong impact

Sterling mouldings ideas 2021

¾" Italian Prime: Rich colors and durable finishes make these mouldings perfect for making every piece look straight to form a décor magazine.

¾ Italian Prime mouldings ideas 2021

Charcoal: The contemporary mouldings add the perfect touch to a digital print or any type of artwork

Charcoal mouldings ideas 2021

Town & country: The rustic mouldings offer a great feel for framing paintings, pictures, and artwork

Town & country mouldings ideas 2021

Italian Prime Moulding: An extensive collection of various finishes and materials to add a sparkle to your pictures and artwork.

Italian Prime mouldings ideas 2021

Edge: Natural finishes for beautiful and a variety of framing applications

Edge mouldings ideas 2021


Buying the best frame for your pictures and art can be overwhelming; our guide provides valuable tips and plenty of information to help you choose the best frame according to your needs and budget. Some people want a durable and high-quality frame, while others want something that easily fits within their budget.

Universal Arquati Moulding knows everything there is to know about picture framing, selecting the best moulding, and choosing the right length for your moulding. We hope this guide will help you make an informed decision. If you want to know more about choosing the best picture framing options, get in touch with us for more details. Call us at 800.668.3627.