Universal Arquati and the Mirror Industry

Universal Arquati is a leading provider of all things moulding. When you need a project
completed that involves beautiful, framed finishes, our wide variety of options will fit your needs
exactly. While Universal Arquati has been the go to service for wood frames for years, it is
moving into many different industries. From the glass door industry to the shower door industry,
Universal Arquati will provide an option that completes your design perfectly. One major area of
interest for Universal Arquati moving forward is the mirror industry. We will partner with mirror
manufacturers, retailers, and installers to offer businesses the options they most desire to frame
their mirrors and many other important decorative items such as paintings and photographs.


While your first instinct may be to think about mirrors in a bathroom, Universal Arquati covers
mirror framing for all types of spaces. Whether you are decorating a hotel or an office, whether
you are planning on placing a mirror in a lobby or hallway, you will find a moulding type that
works for you at Universal Arquati. We aim to offer you the moulding and tools for framing that
you need to ensure that your art, pictures, and mirrors charm guests and clientele once the
project is done.

There are many different types of frames to choose from, so you will be well covered no matter
what style of frame you are looking for. Let’s say you are trying to create a naturalistic aesthetic
at your rustic resort or your firm space. With the many distressed wood mirror moulding options
available from Universal Arquati you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for. From
aged pine to coffee and natural wood to grey, you will match your frame to your color scheme
with ease. Real wood picture frames for your paintings, photographs, and mirrors can easily be
found through our website.

Perhaps you are more interested in a look that gives off a contemporary feel. You should check
out the contemporary mirror moulding options that Universal Arquati has in stock. You have
many different styles to choose from. These include stylish chromo in the most luxurious
precious metal. You have a choice between gold, silver, bronze and many others, so that your
boutique space looks inviting!

For a very unobtrusive but sturdy and classic look, a high gloss mirror moulding option might be
the perfect fit for you. If you want to keep your space looking clean and fresh and you are lover
of straight lines and simple designs then a high gloss mirror moulding option will provide you
with the best results. Universal Arquati likes to keep things simple with some understated black
lacquer and wood grain options. At Universal Arquati we ensure that you get the style of your
choice. You can find some classic custom wood picture frames with the finish that you want the

When you are decorating to obtain a regal vibe, then you will find the perfect option amongst our
gold and silver mirror moulding products. Our website provides customers with many different
frames; these come with ornate designs or simple, glossy finishes that will fit your needs
perfectly. If you would like to utilize some less flashy metal options, then our aluminum picture
frame moulding options will be perfect for your design needs.

Universal Arquati has all of the mirror and picture framing supplies and tools that you could
possibly need to ensure that your frame project is ultimately a success. For larger projects that
involve multiple rooms and spaces such as a hotel remodel, our wholesale picture frames will
provide you with a great money saving opportunity; these options will work great for both art and
mirrors. You can find everything that you need, from mounting supplies to frames on our