Use Polystyrene Mouldings to Make Art Painting Frames

Polystyrene moulding is one of the most durable options for art painting frames. This type of moulding is an effective alternative to wood picture frame mouldings that creates a resilient structure. Polystyrene moulding is unique because the polymer bonds are powerful. They cannot be splintered, warped, or twisted like wood moulding. Polystyrene picture frames are affordable and blend in with various types of woodgrains and trimming styles. Keep reading to learn more about the different types and benefits of polystyrene mouldings.


The Types of Polystyrene Used in Making Picture Frames

When it comes to polystyrene picture frames, Universal Arquati Mouldings offers a variety of styles, colors, and trim options. You can find the moulding that meets the needs of your project and creates a beautiful frame to keep your art paintings secure. Universal Arquati Mouldings have the following polystyrene mouldings for all of your framing needs.

Polystyrene Mouldings:

» Floater:

This type of moulding gives the appearance that your art painting is floating. For a unique look, choose from different finishes like brass, silver, matte colors, walnut, and more.

» ValuCore:

There are more than 175 options for ValuCore mouldings. You can cut and staple this type of polystyrene moulding just like you would with standard wood. Choose from several finishes and sizes for the right moulding for your frame.

» New Collections:

Find the latest and most fabulous options for your polystyrene framing needs. Choose from new moulding collections that keep up with the ever-changing needs of craftsmen, homeowners, and decorators.

No matter what type of project or style you need, Universal Arquati Mouldings has the polystyrene moulding for you. Choose from more than 250 unique polystyrene options that vary in color, style, finishing, and size. The right picture framing moulding will complement your art painting for a look that blends seamlessly with your décor.

Why Polystyrene Picture Frames Matter?

Polystyrene picture frames offer many benefits for decorators, craftsmen, and homeowners. This material offers the same look and feels like natural wood with a more affordable price tag. Polystyrene mouldings tend to be around 30-50% less expensive than wood without sacrificing quality and appearance. Surprisingly, polystyrene picture frames have both the look and feel of wood, making it hard even to tell the difference.

Inexpensive does not equal low quality when it comes to polystyrene. The poly bonds are incredibly resilient and do not break or splinter like wood. This type of moulding is also resistant to water and moisture, so it does not bend or warp like wood frames. The lightweight material makes it easy to work with and more comfortable to hang. You can nail, cut, and staple polystyrene mouldings like you would with any frame mouldings.

When to Choose Polystyrene Picture Frames?

Polystyrene picture frames are becoming increasingly popular. You may not have noticed yet because the material looks and feels like real wood, making it difficult to differentiate between the two products. Contractors and homeowners alike are choosing polystyrene for their art painting frame projects for a variety of reasons. Here are some situations when polystyrene picture frames are the best option.

Limited budget:

Polystyrene moulding is considerably less expensive than wood moulding. If you have a limited budget for your project, you can achieve the same look like wood without incurring the high costs.

More durable:

If you need a moulding that offers superior durability, polystyrene is your best bet. The polymer bonds resist splintering, twisting, and warping in a way wood mouldings cannot.

Moisture resistance:

For frames in areas of high moisture or projects that are susceptible to water, polystyrene will protect your structure. This material is resistant to moisture, so it will not warp over time.

Lighter weight:

If you want a lightweight frame that is easy to carry, move, and hang, choose polystyrene. It weighs considerably less than wood mouldings for a much lighter frame.

The Experts in Polystyrene Mouldings

If you are looking for high-quality polystyrene moulding, Universal Arquati Mouldings is your source. As the experts in polystyrene mouldings, they can provide the perfect moulding for your picture framing project. Whether you have questions about the advantages of polystyrene picture frames, or you want advice on selecting the right style and finish of moulding, they can offer suggestions and information. Put your framing project in the right hands with polystyrene moulding from Universal Arquati Mouldings.