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Mouldings can improve the aesthetics of practically any house, but you will need to do a little research to find the right materials and style that fits your home’s personality. For example, there are a lot of wooden mouldings that can range in material and cut for different occasions. While you’re shopping for picture frame mouldings, you should have a plan and a budget in-mind, so that you aren’t paying for more moulding materials than what is necessary.

You don’t need to limit yourself to just wood picture frame mouldings, you can find some impressive alternatives, such as polystyrene, glazed, laminate, and even plaster.

Any home owner can get an impressive-looking moulding done for their door, for example. You can create a raised paneling decoration that will give the impression that the door is of the expensive artisan designs that must be custom and hand-carved.

Rather than having your mouldings hand-made, you can save a lot by choosing machined wood mouldings. They are comparable in quality, as well as intricacy.


This is one of the most resilient types of mouldings. It is created from strong polymer bonds that cannot be splintered, warped, or twisted like many wood mouldings can. You can get polystyrene cheaply from picture frame moulding companies. It can be installed to blend in with many different types of woodgrains and styles of trimmings.


If you’re going to decide to get a wood frame moulding, you should consider pine because it is easily finished with a nice grain and clear-coated for glossy and stained aesthetics. This is the ultimate classic look for wood trims and frames. Pine picture frame mouldings are also fairly affordable for those who are intent on getting wood-made moulding frames.


For a warmer and stronger natural beauty, oaks are another great choice, as it is a perfect match for hardwood floors. There are many different types of oaks that you can choose from, from red oak to white oak. You can likewise find many of these oak woodgrains for polystyrene moulding or get a comparable look from pine mouldings with an equivalent stain.


Similar to polystyrene, PVC moulding can be custom-made to combine resins as a base for painting using latex and oil paints. This allows for more artistic expression, so it is very popular for unorthodox interior designs and bright-colored interiors famous with Los Angeles picture frame mouldings.

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