Italian Prime Moulding

Consider all of your interior design possibilities with our expansive selection of Italian Prime Mouldings. From drab to fabulous, transform your living space while giving your photos, art, and other framed pieces the spotlight they deserve. At Universal Arquati, we believe in sourcing picture frames wholesale, so our customers can expect a cost-effective framing solution without ever sacrificing quality or style!

Why Italian Picture Frame Moulding?

Whether you’re giving your current living space a makeover or moving into a new home, new picture frames and mouldings present the opportunity to renew and liven up your walls, so that they reflect your own personal lifestyle and aesthetic.

From rustic to chic and contemporary to classic, we provide a wide array of picture frames and mouldings to pair well with your rooms’ color palettes and bring the best out of your framed pieces. Choosing the right frames for your photographs and art pieces is a seemingly small detail that leaves a lasting impact, freshening up otherwise dull hallways, rooms, and common areas inside your home. Customize the walls of your living space to fit your personality by choosing from our accommodating catalog of boards, frames, sheets and mouldings.

Italian Style and Flair

From curvy to thin lines and simple to intricate designs, our newest collection of Italian Prime Mouldings comes in a variety of styles and materials for custom framing solutions that stand the test of time. Using polystyrene and wood finishes, Universal Arquati provides ultimate flexibility and affordability in framing solutions for interior designers, custom framers, and homeowners alike. Our picture frame mouldings also remain easy to clean and install as well as resistant to light exposure and other elements.

Choose from our Italian Prime Moulding collection for a frame and moulding solution that’ s seamless in both design and function.


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