A beautiful home will increase the value with complementing the perfect picture framing moulding. It’s ideal to incorporate every detail, including the picture frames in order to ensure that all aspects of your interior are unified,. Most often we would make expensive purchases of masterpieces which can easily go up to a few thousand dollars. However we compromise severely on the type of framing to be used and thereby, risk destroying a priceless artwork or image. There is a myriad of options available for custom picture frames in the market; each better or more colorful than the other. It’s not always about choosing the least expensive option, but looking for what suits your requirements and provides added value to the framed item.

Maison Picture Frame Moulding

The Maison type of picture frame moulding comes in an array of colors to choose from, including Antique Black, French Grey, and French Vanilla. Unlike solid wood options, these colors are perfect for compact interiors, and will work with any type of photo or artwork. Mouldings will also protect from elements like heat, humidity, and dust which will lead to its deterioration. These minimalist designs will retain the focal point on the article framed within. Picture Frame mouldings aren’t always very expensive. If you think about the benefits, it is fully worth the protection and durability it offers.

Different picture frames fit your unique purpose

Settle for a wooden picture frame made out of veneer for an economical finish. For a smart, contemporary feel, you can opt for silver picture frames for your home or office, this would blend into the interior; however, if you want the focal point of the space to be the painting or mirror gold picture frames are ideal for you. Large picture frames will be ideal as a centre piece for a room.

When deciding on the ideal moulding, it’s imperative to decide on the budget you have in mind. Some wooden picture frames made out of solid wood can amount to a few thousand dollars. However, veneer options can be very economical. Beautiful masterpieces deserve great framing solutions. They should be complementary to one another. When deciding on the material to be used for the frame, think about the durability, size, and purpose it would serve. Call us to find more moulding options, our consultant can help you explore your favorite one.

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