Of the many types of evergreen species, oak is considered dense and durable. It’s even used as building material for building, ships, and barrels. Since this type of wood is resistant to delay, it’s considered ideal for picture framing, especially for archival purposes. It’s also high in aesthetic value because of its beautiful coarse grain and ability to absorb staining for finishing. Although the current options for frame mouldings are inexhaustible with contemporary metals, a picture frame moulding made of oak will have timeless elegance and only increase in value over time.

Wood Picture Frames Moulding

Wood picture frames such as Oakwood can be harder to source, manufacture, and will be priced substantially higher than other products because of its durability and richness. Unlike monochromatic black picture frames, these hardwood frames can enhance the value of the article tremendously. Large open spaces in homes will benefit with Oakwood frames available in a variety of colors and shades to choose from. Since the wood can be stained to match the interior and furniture, customers can choose from the color collection including light walnut, grey, light grey and so on. Large picture frames for portraits or masterpieces made of oakwood will increase its value and the overall interior of the space as well.

Hardwood Picture Frame Cleaning

A wood picture frame made out of Oakwood would need to be cleaned and cared for in a special way, depending on its finish. Hardwood frame of its nature needs to be cleaned with mild solution. Check the cleaning solution for its base and avoid using it if it has high acid percentages. The last thing is to compromise on a beautiful wood frame. For extra care, use a damp cloth along with a known brand of wood care varnish. If the frame is highly ornate, use a mild toothbrush to reach the intricate designs; avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly onto the Oakwood frame moulding.

Amongst the benefits of Oakwood frame mouldings, they add a sense of luxury to your home or space; the value of the picture, photo or article will increase immensely with a beautiful solid wood frame. It may not be as cheap as its substitutes like metal or acrylic, but it will increase in value over the years and last far longer.

Before planning on the best type of frame mouldings for pictures or photos, it's important to consider factors to start with. Ask yourself if it will fit best with the rest of your home or space. Will it complement your surroundings, furniture, and accessories? How often will you be changing the interior? What are the external/environmental factors space is subject to? How valuable is the artwork or the photo? It’s common knowledge that custom picture frames serve as protection for priceless articles of investment; however, given that framing supplies are manufactured out of different material, it should not take the attention away from the focal point – the artwork. We offer many solutions at different prices, sizes, and warranties at Universal Arquati.

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