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Universal Arquati is a major supplier of picture frame moulding and related products to the trade.

Founded in 1995, we continue to provide the most popular styles and finishes to the interior decoration and picture framing trades.

Always keeping value in mind, Universal Arquati strives to have the best quality products on hand for your next important project.

The company was established as Universal Framing Products and along the way merged with Arquati USA, a prime supplier of Italian sourced products, emerging as Universal Arquati to address the needs of the most discriminating designers taste.

With multiple locations, we provide a variety of products and services in a timely fashion.

Universal Arquati products include a large variety of mouldings in length or chopped and joined to order, readymade frames, Universal Machinery and supplies.

Whether you order through our helpful Sales Representatives, customer service desk or online, we will always make our best effort to answer any questions to fulfill your orders in a timely fashion.

To view our latest collections, please visit our “new collections” section of our website.

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