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The following Companies do not give references (Do not use these as references).
Decor Moulding, Don Mar, Framerica, CMI Moulding, G & C Moulding, G & G Moulding, Larson Juhl, Le Winter, Lightpost Group, Max Moulding, North American Enclosures, Nurre Caxton, Thomas Kinkade, USA Wholesale, Viking Office Products, 3M
I represent that the above information is true and is given to induce the extension of credit to the applicant. My company and I authorize to make such credit investigation as it sees fit, including contacting the above trade references and banks and obtaining credit reports. My company and I authorize all trade references, banks, and credit reporting agencies to disclose to any and all information concerning the financial and credit history of my company and myself. If the credit customer is a corporation, then those signing this application, whether signing as an officer or not, personally guarantee payment for all items purchased on credit by the corporation. Buyer agrees to pay Universal Arquati according to terms and conditions as stated in published price list. Should your account balance be forwarded to a collection agency for collection you will be responsible for the collection fee which will be added to the delinquent balance. Furthermore, if it is necessary for your balance to be forwarded to an attorney for litigation you will be responsible for any and all court costs, attorney fees, etc. associated with the suit.

Once your application has been sent. Call (661)-362-6262 to Finalize your application and place your Credit Card on File.

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